How to Avoid Overwhelming Your Market with Content

With content marketing becoming more and more popular, some experts have started to wonder what happens when an audience gets overwhelmed with a brand’s content. When people are bombarded with blog posts, videos, podcasts and social media posts from your business, they could begin to see you as a spammer or start to feel like they can’t keep up, and ignore your content.

But, you can easily avoid this content fatigue by taking a few precautionary steps and using content marketing strategically.

Have a Plan

If you are constantly creating and publishing content without a strategic plan, you will wear your market out. While it’s good to create a lot of content, you need to think about how and when you will publish it.

For example, some of your content will likely be published on your blog, but other pieces could be posted elsewhere. Try to integrate your content marketing with your larger marketing plan, so they work together. For example, if you are having a spring sale on a particular line of products, create content about those products to keep your messaging clear and your market focused.

Don’t Release Content too Quickly

A common mistake businesses make is releasing content too quickly. When you do this, your market can’t keep up and could walk away from your website or blog altogether. Of course, you do need to provide a constant stream of relevant content, but make sure you don’t flood your audience.

Publishing a podcast once a week instead of once a day is a great way to keep your market interested and coming back for more without overwhelming people. Different pieces of content and different publishing platforms all have their own ideal frequencies. For example, daily blog posts work well to keep your audience engaged and to build traffic, while monthly panel discussions might be enough for your market.

Find a Balance with Social Media

Posting too often to social media can drive followers away, as they will begin to feel like you are spamming them and that you are taking over their news feeds. There isn’t a magic number that dictates how often you should post to social media accounts, so you’ll have to do some testing to find out what works for your market.

In general, you should post to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn a few times a day, but you can post to sites like Twitter and Instagram even more often than that. Try different approaches to find out how many posts you need to share to achieve a high level of engagement and make your social media accounts effective.

Listen to Your Market

As with many other Internet marketing strategies, the best way to learn how to provide the best content for your market is to listen to your audience. As you post content, see how people react. Are they engaged and interested? Or are you losing followers and site visitors? Asking yourself these kinds of questions can help you gauge whether or not you are overwhelming your market.

Another way to listen to your market is to conduct surveys or polls. With these tools you can ask people if they like your content, what they want to hear more about and other questions that can help you be more successful at content marketing.

When you are careful not to overwhelm your market, content marketing is an excellent way to get people engaged with your brand, drive more traffic to your website and promote your business.