Are you Using Twitter Wrong, to the Detriment of your Marketing?

Twitter isn’t hard to figure out.

In fact, in just minutes you can set up an account and start tweeting. But, using the site for social media marketing requires some strategy.

With the right plan in place, Twitter can be an extremely valuable marketing tool that helps you connect with potential customers, brand advocates and influential people. It can support your content marketing plan and help you form an online brand that benefits your entire business.

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you need to rework your Twitter marketing plan.

Is your biography, cover image or background blank?

Your biography, cover image, profile picture and even background give you a chance to brand your page. Don’t skip this step. When your page looks full and matches your brand, it looks like an active part of your business, which will make people want to follow you. Your biography can also tell people about your business and include a link to your site.

Are your tweets infrequent and scattered?

Twitter is a social network that requires regular activity. To really get the most out of it you need to be posting several times a day. If you use Twitter sparingly or your tweets are a jumbled mess of unrelated content, you need a strategy. With an active stream of posts that have purpose, your account will attract followers and help you build your brand.

Do you blast your followers with information, failing to listen?

While you should post often and regularly, you shouldn’t overwhelm your followers with too many posts. This can make your account feel spammy and scare followers away. Find the posting frequency that works by paying attention to how engaged your followers are.

Then, be sure to listen by answering questions, responding to concerns and taking feedback seriously. Using Twitter to listen can help you identify how you can improve your account, marketing and business in general.

Are your tweets too long for added comments?

Remember that when people retweet your posts, they will need extra room when your handle is added in front of your text. Leaving some extra characters also gives people a chance to add a few words as a comment when they retweet your posts. Leaving some extra space will make your posts more shareable.

Do you use generic hashtags?

Hashtags can help you make your tweets more visible and make it easier to join larger conversations on the site. But, you need to choose hashtags that are specific and detailed enough to help you reach the right market. You may also consider creating your own, branded hashtag.

Are you failing to interact with other users?

Finally, if you aren’t interacting with other users, you are missing opportunities to engage with potential customers and create a reputation as a brand that is listening. Twitter should help facilitate two-way conversations that can help you get to know your market and build a positive reputation. Interacting with others can also help you make your account more visible so you can build a bigger following.

If you are making any of these mistakes on Twitter, turn things around by avoiding these issues and developing a strategic plan that will help you use the site to get optimal marketing results.