Are You Using Keywords Correctly for Your Blog?

Do you know how to use keywords the right way so you can earn rankings for your blog? You may have already identified some keywords you want to target, so the next step is making sure you use them correctly throughout your site and content.

If you use keywords too often, which is known as “keyword stuffing,” your website could be penalized by search engines which will make it difficult, if not impossible, for it to rank. Keywords that are used too often or unnaturally also compromise the quality of your content, which can hurt your brand and even make your content less effective.

Domain Name and Post URLs

Ideally, your keywords will be included in your domain name and in each posts’ URLs. If you haven’t yet started your blog, consider your target keywords before you purchase a domain name. If you already have a blog, see if you can find ways to use the words in your domain name as keywords and whether or not it would make sense for your site to rank for these words.

Many blogs are set up so that post titles become the post URL. If this is the case, make sure you use keywords in your titles. If your blog is not set up this way, find out how you can use titles as URLs or create URLs for each post that include keywords.

Titles and Headers

You should use keywords throughout your blog in titles and headers in your posts. Of course, to do this naturally you will need to write blog posts on topics that are related to your keywords. There are likely some general keywords you can use for several different posts, and you may have some keywords that you will write special posts for.

Blog Post Content

Use keywords in your blog post content naturally and don’t let them compromise the quality of your blog. Use them in ways that are grammatically correct and that don’t inhibit the flow of your content. The number of times each keyword is used will depend on how long your post is, but a good rule of thumb is to use a keyword two to three times in a 500-word post.

Internal Links

Internal links can help you boost your SEO rankings, especially when you use keywords as anchor text. As you use keywords in your blog posts, link them to other pages on your blog or website. Do this strategically as you try to rank certain pages for specific keywords.

Category titles, sidebar links and any other links throughout your blog can also include keywords and the anchor text wherever it makes sense and feels natural.

Using keywords throughout your blog can be a key part of your search engine optimisation strategy. If you use your target keywords correctly in all the elements of your blog and each piece of content, you’ll be able to help your blog rank for those words and drive more traffic to your site.