Are You Taking Full Advantage of Mobile Marketing?

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There’s no question that businesses today need to take their marketing to a mobile level. With mobile Internet use expected to be higher than desktop Internet use by 2014 (according to Microsoft Tag), your business has a lot to lose if it doesn’t take full advantage of mobile marketing.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Consumers expect business websites to work smoothly and quickly on their smartphones, so if your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website it’s time to act. In fact, according to Gomez, 46 percent of consumers probably won’t come back to a mobile website if it didn’t work correctly the last time they accessed it. That is a large percentage of traffic you can’t afford to give up.

Make your site mobile friendly so your market can find the information they need and have a positive experience while using your site from their mobile devices.

Do You Leverage the Mobile Aspect of Social Media?

Social media is a very mobile tool. People access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and all kinds of other social media networks from their smartphones. This gives your brand an opportunity to create mobile-centric marketing tactics. Just a few examples of mobile and social media tactics include:

  • Twitter Chats
  • Social Media Event Coverage
  • QR Codes
  • Photo Contests

With the right strategies, you can use social media to help you get in touch with and interact with your mobile market.

Do You Use SMS Marketing?

Smartphones are capable of so much more than just sending text messages, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon this feature. You can take full advantage of mobile marketing by allowing your customers to sign up for text message alerts so you can send them deals, announcements and perks. One approach is to make this an “exclusive club,” branding it as a way to get insider information that no one else gets. This strategy will entice people to join your SMS list and can help you grow your audience.

Do You have an App?

Having a mobile app can be very beneficial to your business. A personalised app that allows your market to access branded content or interact with your business can open new doors to mobile marketing opportunities. Businesses create apps for all kinds of purposes ranging from providing entertainment to offering information and from delivering special rewards to selling products.

If you do decide to create an app, make sure you plan well. Don’t just create an app to have an app. Instead, think strategically and do research on how your market uses smartphones and mobile gadgets. Identify business goals that could be reached with the help of a mobile app, and then create an app that helps you reach those goals and market your business.

Mobile marketing is becoming bigger and more important. With an increasing number of people accessing the Internet, social media, and email from their smartphones and relying on mobile apps every day, your business has a lot of opportunity. Find ways you can incorporate mobile marketing into your campaigns and goals and then plan strategically so you will see the best results.