Are Pop-Up Video Ads Coming to Facebook?

Rumor has it that Facebook is planning to launch pop-up videos ads at the steep price of $1 million per day. Facebook hasn’t officially announced the feature yet, but Ad Age has reported that the social network has started to offer the ad packages to some agencies.

It is believed that Facebook will offer four daily slots to advertisers beginning this summer. The ads will each target a different, very broad demographic, likely based on age and gender. According to reports, the video ads will be a maximum of 15 seconds long and Facebook is planning to put a limit on the frequency they run, ensuring that no user sees more than three video ads per day.

The video ads will most likely pop-out over the newsfeed and will be on auto play, meaning they will begin playing immediately when a user loads the newsfeed page.

Big Opportunity for Big Businesses

The new ads could be a huge opportunity for some businesses, assuming they can afford the big price tag Facebook is assigning to the ad slots. Big corporations and their ad agencies may jump on the opportunity to have their message shown to a massive audience.

Video ads would give some businesses a distinct advantage over businesses that place regular ads on Facebook, since users can’t help but see the video ads. It is unclear what the format of the ads will be, but if users aren’t able to control the settings or opt out of seeing the ads, the videos could be very powerful.

As of now, the ad slots will probably be targeted at the following groups: women under 30, women over 30, men under 30 and men over 30. Of course, these are very general demographics, but they are demographics that cover most target markets.

Will Users Accept the New Ads

Every time Facebook unrolls a new feature, it seems that users react strongly, especially when that feature has to do with ads. Facebook is becoming more advertising focused, much to the dismay of many users. However, businesses, and Facebook executives, know the value of ads placed on such a huge social media channel, so users are likely to experience even more advertising as more options are made available to advertisers.

The question may be: “How much advertising are users willing to accept?” Up until now, brands have been able to get their messages in front of their markets with sponsored status updates, sponsored “likes” and traditional site ads. But, will they successfully be able to push pop-up videos on users?

Some believe that this move will be a step too far for Facebook. Some claim that people will leave the site, turning to other social media sites that are already becoming popular and have less intrusive ads.

As companies begin experimenting with the ads and Facebook begins presenting users with pop-up video ads from their timelines, the idea will either take off and become the new norm for Facebook advertising, or it will backfire, causing users to leave the site and forcing Facebook to look for new advertising options to increase its revenue.