App Store Optimisation

Here’s another skill you SEO professionals might want to throw on your CV; App Store Optimisation (ASO). The art of making one app stand out amongst the 600,000 available on the Apple app store, and the 500,000 available for Android.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this quest; the lovely folks over at Apple HQ have come up with this nifty little tool for helping you track and improve your app store rankings.

Sign up and you’ll get a 30 day free trial, after that you can pay $14, $29 or $99 per month to monitor 1, 3 or 50 apps.

As the app store is relatively new, it’s still a very simple system and the only variable information you can give you app which matters is: the app name, the publisher name and the keywords. With only 100 characters to define your app in keywords, you’d better hope you’re picking the right ones; which is where ASO comes into play.

This ASO tool allows you to track your app store ranking over the past month, it will show you how your app’s ranking changes over time, and what the top 10 apps in your selected category are. These are your key competitors. Let the games begin.

Now you know who you’re competing with for those elusive top 10 spots, the ASO tool can tell you what search queries were used to find your app. This will put you well on your way to selecting the most relevant and successful keywords. Using the wrong keywords is a major pitfall of regular SEO too; ASO is no different.

It will also offer a comparison of your keywords with the keywords used for your competitors; perfect for finding out why the top 10 apps rank so high.

And finally, for the data obsessed and hyper competitive, it will also send daily updates so you can fret over your ranking over breakfast.

It might be worth getting in there soon with this app and gaining some ground with your ranking; it won’t be long before everyone is optimising. Get in there quick and you could use this valuable tool to gain popularity which might help keep you at the top of the listings.