The Anatomy of a Perfect Pinterest Pin

Through Pinterest you can promote your business in a visual way and attract a wide audience of people who are looking for ideas, solutions and products. But, just as with any other social network, you need to use Pinterest the right way to get results.

It’s easy for your posts to blend into the background and get lost in the sea of images on the site. To get traffic and customers, you need to pin strategically.

1 – Catchy, Professional Image

The most important part of any pin is the image. This is the first thing people will see and quickly tells people what the pin is all about. Use pictures that will stand out as people scroll through the site and that speak to your brand. A professional image will tell people your business is professional, trustworthy and an expert.

2 – Strategic Link to Your Website

Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and increase sales by pinning images from your website. In this pin, the attractive picture that shows off handbags links to Armani’s handbag page, where people can browse products and make a purchase.

It’s definitely okay to pin content from other sources, which can help you be a better resource, reach a wider audience and avoid being too self promotional. However, you do need to pin your own content to get bigger benefits.

3 – Complete Description with Keywords

Every pin should have a complete description about the product or content it links to. The description can be about the product or it can tell people what kind of value the pin links to. For example, a screenshot could use the description: “Our tutorial on how to set up our accounting software and get started.”

The description should also use keywords to make it easier for people to find your content. This pin uses words like “outfit,” “leopard print” and “sunglasses.” Keywords will help you optimise your pins so they will appear higher in Pinterest search results.

4 – Hashtag and Board Categories

You can also use hashtags to make your pins more findable. Try creating your own branded hashtags to group your content together and build your brand on the site. Make sure you have several boards set up on your account so you can categorise your pins. This makes it easy for your market to follow specific types of content.

For example, a technology company may have boards for topics like smartphones, tablets, apps and accessories. Then, users can follow the boards they are interested in and your content will be delivered to people who want to find out more.

5 – Branded Profile Picture and Verified Page

Make sure your account is branded by using a profile picture your market will recognise and associate with your business. This will appear next to all of your pins, so it will help tie your content to your business.

Pinterest verifies business accounts, adding a checkmark next to your URL and showing your market that the page is your official account. Check to make sure your account is verified.

As you use Pinterest, make sure each of your pins has all five of these elements to make sure you are getting the most out of the site and using it as a powerful part of your social media marketing plan.