Amazingly Simple Ways to Attract Valuable Twitter Followers

One of the keys to successful Twitter marketing is building a following full of the right people. If your followers are current customers, potential customers, people who can influence your target market or who might be interested in your brand and content, you can make your account much more effective.

You’ll be able to get your market’s attention and sway people to take action because they are already interested in your business. Your content will be more likely to be retweeted because people will like what you share.

Gaining that kind of valuable following isn’t hard; it’s a matter of knowing how to use your account. So, avoid those spammy followers and services that claim they will get you thousands of followers (although not in your target market) overnight, and try these tips instead.

Post Relevant, Interesting Content

While it may sound obvious, it’s essential that you share relevant, interesting content. The things you post should be things that would interest the people you are trying to target and provide some kind of value. This will prove that your account is worth following and help you attract the right kind of followers.

Use the Hashtags your Market Uses

Hashtags can help you tap into conversations and make your posts more visible. But, the secret to making them work is using hashtags that your market uses. Follow others in your industry and members of your target market and do some Twitter research to find hashtags people use frequently. Then, add them to your own posts when appropriate.

Retweet Others’ Content

Retweeting content is a great way to make friends on Twitter. When you retweet someone’s post, you will get his attention and show that you appreciate the content and are supportive of his account. As you do this, you’ll gain more followers and get some retweets yourself, which will help you reach a bigger audience and gain more followers.

Turn your Account into a Two-Way Service

Remember that social media is supposed to make conversations possible and shouldn’t be used just to push out your own messages and content. Use your Twitter account to listen to your followers, engage with people, answer questions and even provide some basic customer service. This shows Twitter users that you are listening and that your account is valuable, which will help you gain more followers.

Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are another great resource and can help you make online friends and gain more followers. When you actively join chats that are relevant to your business and that members of your target market participate in you will make your own account more visible and attract followers. You may also consider holding your own chats to turn your account into a resource and a centre of communication about a specific topic.

Twitter is an excellent social media tool that can play a major role in your social media marketing strategy. But, to get the best results you’ll need to build a following of people in your target market, and these tips can help you do that.