All Groups Going Private and other LinkedIn Updates you Need to Know About

LinkedIn recently announced some upcoming changes that could have an impact on how you use the site as a business. LinkedIn can be an integral part of your social media networking strategy and is especially effective at helping businesses reach university students, recent graduates, professionals, job seekers and other businesses.

Here’s what you need to know about the site’s updates.

All Groups are Going Private

Now, every LinkedIn group will be private, meaning people will have to be a member of your group to be able to see conversations. This means that you will need to work harder to recruit members if you want to make sure your posts reach a wide audience. Start by promoting your group as a valuable resource that benefits members and then invite people to join.

Two Group Types: Unlisted and Standard

With this update comes a new way to categorise groups. From now on, all groups will be either unlisted or standard. Unlisted groups won’t appear in search results and people have to be invited by the group’s owner or manager before they can join. Standard groups will appear in search results and any member of the group can invite other users to join. You’ll need to decide which type is best for you and how tightly managed you want it to be.

More Current Conversations

Comments will now be published immediately instead of being held for moderation, making for more current conversations. Group owners, managers and moderators can still remove comments and all members can flag comments as inappropriate, bringing them to the attention of group administrators.

Visual Conversations

LinkedIn has made it possible to add an image to a conversation when you start one. This will make your content stand out and can help with branding and content marketing efforts. As of now, images can’t be posted as replies in existing conversations.

Mention People in Conversations

Now you can mention other LinkedIn users in conversations by using the “@” sign before the person’s name. This feature will be a great way to get more people involved and hopefully generate more engagement and activity in your groups.

No More Promotions Tab

The promotions tab, previously available in groups, will no longer exist. Group members can submit promotional posts and group moderators can decide whether or not to approve and post the update. This will give you more control over the type of promotional content in your group and help you fight spammy posts.

No More Subgroups

Another feature that will no longer exist is sub groups. This makes groups more streamlined and will make it easier for your audience to find relevant posts and conversations. You can still choose to manage several groups, but they will all exist independently and you can link to them in the description section of the group information page.

But, that’s not all! LinkedIn’s announcement includes information about more new features, including better content filtering, a groups iOS mobile app, group highlights and email digests and more.

These new updates show that LinkedIn is listening to users and improving its network to make it more user friendly. As you use the site to promote your business and reach your markets, find ways these new features can improve your efforts.