How to Align Your Content with Google’s Goal and get Better Rankings

Wondering how to align content? Want better rankings? Read on…

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, recently tried to clear up some common search engine optimisation myths. In his video, he let marketers in on the secret to getting Google rankings: align your content and site with Google’s goal to provide the best search results to users. You can see Cutts’ video on Search Engine Journal.

But, how exactly do you align content with that goal? How do you make sure it helps to provide users with the best search results? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Know what your market wants.

What does your market want? A solution to a technical problem? Creative ideas? Products that make life easier? Whatever it is the people you are targeting want, provide it. There are lots of ways to find out what this is, from simple brainstorming to polls and surveys and even focus groups.

Once you know what these wants and needs are, make sure every piece of content on your website works to meet those needs. Your pages will attract more traffic and be more likely to rank when people search for related terms.

Appeal to your market’s emotions.

Your site should appeal to your market’s emotions in a way that makes people want to respond to your calls to action and value your content. First, think about what you want your market to do and what people want. Then, figure out how the content on your site can spur that action.

For example, a business that provides safety equipment might appeal to readers’ emotions by appealing to their desire to keep family and employees safe.

Know what makes your market tick.

Knowing what makes your market tick will help you create content that provides the best results to Google searchers. When you know what interests people, what kind of information they are looking for and what drives them to interact, your content will rank well and help your business be more successful.

The things that motivate your market will most likely be closely tied to what people want and their emotions, so when you combine all this information you can produce powerful content.

Provide undeniable value.

The best content is valuable to the people it is meant for. When this value is undeniable to your market, your content will be more effective. Provide information, resources, advice, details or even entertainment that is relevant to your market and provides benefits. Search engines, including Google, rank high quality content higher than content that doesn’t provide much value and isn’t relevant to searchers.

When you align your content and website with Google’s goal of providing the best results to searchers, your pages will rank higher and your site will be much more successful.

These tips will do more than just help you optimise your content and drive traffic to your site, they will help you connect with your market and achieve your overall goals. Use these tips to take your content to the next level so you can get higher rankings, more traffic, more engaged readers and more customers.

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