Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel: Create Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

Create Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketing!

You’ve heard of the term affiliate marketing.

Perhaps you’ve even dabbled in it yourself.

But, success has alluded you.

So you’re back searching for new ways to ‘do’ affiliate marketing.

This post will introduce you to the concept of an affiliate marketing sales funnel.

What is an affiliate marketing sales funnel?

Why will it work when everything else has failed?

Affiliate marketing sales funnel pig.

The affiliate funnel has completely revolutionalised the marketing space. It has changed our approach to promoting our services online forever. We are no longer relying on SEO to bring in quality organic leads and enquiries. Google is unreliable at the best of times with algorithm updates moving the needle and pressure mounting to maintain position one rankings.

It has become almost essential to set up a secondary revenue stream. Why rely on Google alone when there are multiple ways to generate an income online? Affiliate marketing sales funnels are up there with the most straightforward to operate. Simply flip a switch, and you have money hitting your account, like magic.

That’s a pretty big incentive. So, let us first explain the concept of an affiliate marketing sales funnel.

Why use affiliate funnels?

When you have your own product, you hold a lot more power from the beginning. There is an element of control. You can pave your way to success online, and that feeling of accomplishment is a result of your hard work. But, what you don’t get is a done-for-you service proven successful with millions of entrepreneurs across the country. However, when you become an affiliate marketer, you are promoting a product or service that already has a loyal following, marketing materials, and plenty of case studies to boot.

That’s incredibly powerful!

Once people start engaging with your sales pages, it’s a case of encouraging them to purchase by way of your affiliate link. You don’t want to go to the effort of finding an affiliate programme only to create a funnel that doesn’t convert – so we’d like to share 7 tips proven to generate a high conversion rate using affiliate marketing sales funnels.

The key to success is research

I know what you’re thinking…. it’s boring.

But, you need to start with a solid understanding of your target market and the product on offer. You wouldn’t buy from a company that didn’t get their facts right on a product they’re selling, right? The same applies to affiliate marketing.

Do you want to be that marketer that bumbles their way through a sales pitch – sweaty palms as you struggle to answer their questions? Or, do you want to be the one that knows the pain points/emotional triggers that will send people straight to that buy button? We know which side we’d rather be on.

Your affiliate marketing sales funnel will be split into two elements: choosing the right affiliate marketing programme and sending traffic to your funnels.

In-house affiliate programmes

It’s important to know who is selling a product and the success rate of that business. You don’t want to put all your time and resources into setting up an affiliate marketing sales funnel for a business that is going to crash and burn.

The downside of these programmes is that they don’t always display their stats to give you an idea of the success rate. It’s down to instinct and good old fashioned common sense. If an affiliate programme sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The best solution is to get involved with the software yourself. Take it for a trial run, so you can get to grips with the in’s and out’s of the platform. Only then will you know if it’s worth backing.

Our favourite affiliate programme? Clickfunnels!

Clickfunnels is a complete landing page builder which allows you to create high-converting affiliate marketing sales funnels. You will get access to multi-million dollar funnel templates that are proven to deliver results. There are many fantastic elements to this software, including the affiliate marketing programme. You’ll receive a 40% commission on any sales made through your affiliate link (more than most!), which includes any upsells to more expensive packages. The platform itself has gained a reputation as the industry’s leading marketing automation software. The Clickfunnels following is huge, so it pretty much sells itself!

Clickfunnels Free Trial Promotion.

You’ll also get a chance to build out your affiliate marketing sales funnel using the Clickfunnels software. You will need to invest in funnel building software at some point, anyway. Why not promote the software you use to build your funnels? It makes sense when you think about it. Everything is in one place; you don’t have to go elsewhere to find an affiliate programme. What’s more, as you are selling Clickfunnels, you can literally reverse engineer what they are doing to promote their service – funnels, advertising, sales messages, videos, graphics, etc. It’s all at your disposal and ready to use!

All you need to do is piece everything together to appeal to your target audience, which brings us nicely onto our next point – getting into your customer’s heads…

Getting into your customer’s heads

Where so many companies go wrong is the method of sales. They are so focused on the end goal (big money!) that they forget about the process. In other words, they should concentrate on the buyer’s journey. For a new business with no brand awareness and a sparse following, it’s so important to build up a base of interested prospects.

Now you’ve crafted your offer, you need to get into the mindset of your customers – this includes understanding their likes, frustrations and objections. Once you have a picture of your audience, then you can craft your sales message to meet their needs.

Affiliate marketing sales funnel customer.

It’s also worth doing a spot of competitor research before setting to work on your deal. If there are competitors, then it goes to show that there are others who are filling the needs of your audience. Your job is to take their content as inspiration and do one better!

You can even call up their company and listen to their sales script – sneaky, but it works a treat! A lot of companies do a poor job of convincing you to purchase online, but over the phone, they convert like crazy. Go the extra mile to ensure your affiliate funnel sells as well as your sales script.

Once you get them on the phone, try to find out where their customers hang out online in regards to blogs and forums. What do they write about? What questions do they ask on the call? With a little digging, it’s possible to find a find a whole different approach.

You see why research is so important and why it’s our step #1?

Sending relevant traffic to your funnel

Now that you’ve done the research and come up with an offer suited to your audience, it’s time to send traffic to your affiliate funnel.

If you don’t have the cash for paid advertising, a blog is a great place to start. If you choose this strategy, you are blending together funnels and SEO to bring in organic traffic from Google. Make sure your blog posts are packed with information and optimised for maximum conversions. Think bright buttons, clear call-to-actions and correct keyword optimisation.

People need to find your content in the first place. A flashy website is only as good as the sales it generates. No traffic equates to no sales, we’re afraid. Keyword research is really the only place the start. The sweet spot is finding a relevant keyword with a high search volume and a low difficulty score. Basically, a keyword that lots of people search for and no one is trying to rank for – that’s an SEO’s dream!

Clickfunnels keywords in ahrefs.

Again, Clickfunnels is the perfect example of a keyword with huge potential 😉

People will find your offer through a quick search on Google. The second option is to reach out to people on social media. In today’s social media mad society, having a social marketing funnel is super important. Ask yourself the same question, where does your audience spend the most time? If they’re a business owner, then LinkedIn is the best approach. It’s a professional social network, which makes it great for a B2B business. However, for an ecommerce store targeting a younger individual, opt for Instagram or Facebook. Both of these platforms offer great resources to locate potential customers by way of hashtags and group messaging.

Alternatively, for an established business with a budget set aside for advertising, we’d recommend using Facebook ads. It gives you countless options to really nail down your targeting based on age, gender, interests, search history, and more. It offers you far more clicks for your dollar, too. For those using video material, the engagement will be much higher and the cost per click significantly lower. Something to keep in mind!

Design your landing pages

Ok, so you’ve researched your market, chosen the best offer, decided on your targeting and sussed out the competition to ensure you come out on top.

Now comes the real fun part.

Crafting your sales pages!

If you want your affiliate marketing sales funnel to work, this is the most crucial step of all. You don’t want to run an ad and send people to your most expensive product. You need to get them excited, first. Start with a freebie to lure people in and get them to trust your business. You will get a high opt-in rate because, why not right? It’s free!

On this page, you want to give them a reason to engage with your brand. Keep your sales message simple and get to the point without overwhelming your readers. The most successful first page will include a data capture form asking people to enter their email address in exchange for a free resource. Do you see where this is going? Once you have their details, you can really step up the game. From there, you can contact them with any offers and upsells.

The challenge is making your pages fit in seamlessly with your chosen affiliate merchant’s website colours, fonts and tone of voice. So that the flow is effortless.

Of course, that might not be possible if you’re using your own website or blog as your branding will be the most dominant. However, if you’re using tools like Clickfunnels to create new pages, you can build them to look like your chosen affiliates site.

(Note: As you can probably guess, we highly recommend Clickfunnels! Click if you want to read our full Clickfunnels review.)

Set up an affiliate programme yourself

Our final piece of advice would be, if you have an established service yourself, to set up an affiliate programme. Promote as you wish, but this will honestly get the word out about your business and maximise sales. Take your learning from promoting others and apply it to your business. The more people you have out there shouting about how great your services are, the more traffic, enquires and sales you will achieve. It’s just basic mathematics!

Affiliate marketing sales funnels summarised!

So, that’s affiliate marketing sales funnels in a nutshell.

Do your research. Put the majority of your time and energy into this.

Understand your potential customer base. Where do they spend time? What are they interested in? Without this information, you are going into a sale blind.

Decide where to promote your offer.

Check out competitors to see what they have to offer, and do one better.

Create your sales pages with clear actions and offers!

Don’t forget to track everything!

Miss this step and you will have no way of improving your campaign and moving forwards. Every successful affiliate marketer recognises the value of tracking results.

Guesswork is undoubtedly not the way to create an affiliate marketing sales funnel!