Why aren’t your adverts achieving?

Adverts are the most well-known and effective way to promote your business. As a business owner, you may be spending more than you’d to like on adverts… and 50% of the time they aren’t bringing in the reach you’d like. So, why aren’t your ads working out?

It’s simple- Google doesn’t like them.

Over the past year, there has been a 30% increase in ad blocker software, this means your well thought out adverts are being blocked by your potential customers. Google has noticed this increase and attended to the consumer’s needs. Through the ‘Coalition for better ads’, a release of the new Google Chrome is being processed which will have a built-in ad blocker to stop showing what is classed as ‘annoying adverts’. As Chrome is now the most popular search engine browser, this could mean trouble for your unruly adverts.
What classes as an ‘annoying’ advert?
Google has formed a list of ‘advert no-no’s’ which is a way of filtering out the bad stuff. Based on a consumer survey, the list has a guide of what not to do with your ads:

1) Prestitial Adverts

These adverts are the kind which appears before the site content has loaded. Most of the time, they force you to wait before an option appears to exit the ad. Whether these adverts have countdowns or hard to see exit options- they encourage the customer to click back almost instantly.

2) Large Adverts

As much as you want everyone to see and interact with your ads, it is known that if it is larger than half of the page then customers are instantly repelled and therefore less likely to click. Keep it small and sweet for maximum reach.

3) Music/Video Adverts

There’s nothing worse than scrolling a web page which suddenly pops up with an all singing, all dancing adverts. After the initial shock, you instantly click off, not wanting to hear any more of ‘whatever that was’. Avoid this type of ad at all costs- stick to the basics.

4) Flashing Adverts

Very similar to the previous point, animated or flashing ads can shock the viewer. Bright, vibrant text bubbles can do the total opposite of what you are intending. Even though you are catching the audiences eye, being too ‘animated’ can look tacky and lower the appeal. Design them to be simplistic and subtle to get the best results.

If your business has produced adverts that just aren’t reaching their full potential, use this guide as a checklist to ensure the new chrome update doesn’t wipe out your adverts. Focus on making sure your advert is:

  • Simplistic
  • Provides information quickly and easily
  • Doesn’t confuse the audience
  • Has a clear call to action

To help design and create improved adverts, use the Google Ad Experience Report for a clear look at improvements. This way, you can find and fix issues which can be lowering your advert reach.

What do you think about ‘annoying’ adverts? To ensure you are promoting your business in the right way, speak to Bigfoot Digital for professional help here.