5 Advantages to Working with a Google Partner Agency

While many digital agencies offer Paid Advertising as a core service, not all of them are equipped to make the most of your ad spend. Knowing how to use AdWords to generate a significant ROI is an absolute must!

Failing to hire a professional that is certified by Google to properly manage your AdWords account may result in you paying out more than you bargained for.

Bigfoot Digital is a Google Partner agency meaning that we have been recognised by the biggest search engine in the world for our expertise in delivering high-converting ad campaigns.

What is a Google Partner Agency?

When looking to work with a digital agency, it’s important to select one that you can trust. Many agencies display accreditations on their site as proof of their skills. The Google Partner status is awarded to agencies who have passed extensive certification exams, have met strict advertising standards, and have proved their abilities through the management of accounts in the past.

This is the badge that indicates that an agency is a Google Partner:

So, what does it mean to be a Google Partner?

It’s first important to understand Google ads. There are many forms of paid advertising that can be used to attract potential customers to your website – banner ads, social media and remarketing, affiliate and video ads. However, the most common form of paid advertising is Google ads. These are the ads that appear at the top of the search results when you search using Google. They receive instant visibility as they appear above all other results!

When a company is an expert in Google Ads, they can become a Google Partner.

You want to work with the best digital agency in the business. You want to see noticeable results. When you work with a Google Partner agency, you will receive the best of the best. These agencies are committed to getting results as they need to reach certain standards in order to retain their accreditation. It’s in their best interest to see you succeed.

Some of our client’s success stories:

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5 Benefits to Clients.

1) They are experts.

There’s no sugar-coating it; digital agencies with a Google Partner accreditation have worked hard to secure this prestigious status. You can’t simply walk into a Google exam with little prior knowledge and expect to pass with flying colours. As we know, Google has much higher standards. They will expect nothing less than perfection.

A company with a Google Partner status will have proven results from successful past campaigns. They will have client success stories and testimonials to back up their claims. You will be going into a partnership with complete trust and confidence that your expectations will be met.

2) The latest knowledge.

The digital world doesn’t stand still – not for long anyway. Google continues to refine its platforms to keep up with customer demand and changes in technology. That means experts must have their fingers on the pulse to deliver as expected. Google requires partners to take reaccreditation exams to ensure they are well-versed on the latest changes.

Google helps these companies by supplying them with the training and resources, so you can feel confident that information is coming directly from the source. A company needs to be on top of the best practices to ensure they are ahead of the competition.

3) They practice what they preach.

One thing to look out for when partnering with a digital agency is the ability to deliver on the results promised. If they offer search engine optimisation, social media marketing or paid advertising, you want to see they are applying these tactics themselves. If these strategies are so good, surely, they will use them too? It’s to be expected. Plus, it helps them keep up with Google’s high demands.

Google Partners are continuously creating new ads and testing new keywords and variations to see what works best. They will set you up with the best campaigns for success.

4) Direct contact with Google.

As with any marketing campaign, issues crop up. Your ad could be attacked by malware, which prevents your campaign from running. There are a number of uncontrollable circumstances that can prevent your campaign from running.

As a Google Partner agency, they will have a direct line to the Google team who can resolve the issue. If a problem prevents your ad from running it can cost your business time and money. It could take days for you to fix the issue alone.

A Google Partner will fix the issue quickly to ensure your ads are back up and running in no time. It saves your business the financial headache because they have a direct line to Google. This makes them an exceptional choice.

5) Access to beta resources.

Google has numerous features that they test out before making them available to the public. These usually include upgrades to the Google ad platform. A Google Partner agency has access to these features before anyone else. They can use them to aid the success of your campaign. This will give you a leg up on the competition.

It’s important to note that not all digital agencies have access to these updates – only Google Partners do! Make sure you partner with an agency with access to all the latest information and strategies.

Bigfoot Digital is your Google Partner agency!

Make no mistake; Bigfoot Digital is a Google Partner agency with access to all the above amazing benefits for our clients.

We have a team of 20+ industry experts all with marketing skills and expertise who are dedicated to the success of their clients. Our award-winning team is Google ads certified and have years of experience in delivering campaigns that result in high volumes of traffic and sales.

If you are looking for results, our team can bring them. We have a growing list of testimonials from clients in a variety of industry sectors. Check them out and get a feeling of what it’s like to work with a Google Partner agency.

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