Add Visual Interest for more Site Interaction

Image courtesy of arztsamui/

If visitors come to your website only to see long paragraphs of content or to lose interest because your site isn’t visually interesting, you are missing out on valuable traffic. One great way to decrease bounce rates and encourage people to explore your site, sign up for your emails or buy a product is to make your site visually interesting.

When you design your site you need to walk the fine line of balancing visually interesting content without distracting people so much that your site isn’t effective. There are several easy ways to add some visual interest to make your site a better part of your marketing plan.

Rethink the Layout

Start with your site’s layout and rethink how you have things like content, images, links, buttons and forms organised. Make sure they are arranged in a visually interesting way and in a way that encourages action.

You can even experiment with different layouts and run some A/B tests or use software that produces heat maps. With some tests you can find out which layouts are more effective and with heat maps you can see where people are clicking and rearrange elements as needed.

Tell a Story with Pictures

You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so use images to tell a story. Instead of filling your homepage with text that loses your visitors’ interest, use pictures to capture their interest and appeal to their needs and wants.

Depending on your brand you may want to use stock image photography or you may go with icons. The idea is that with just a few images, your audience will instantly get a taste of your brand and what you do.

Use Motion Strategically

Websites that are full of moving visual effects can be distracting and even look less professional. But, if you use motion sparingly and strategically you can use it to your advantage. Use slideshows, tickers and other elements that move by themselves or as people interact with them to direct visitors’ attention to important pieces of content.

For example, you could use a ticker to display company news or a slideshow to highlight successful case studies that show off what you can do for your customers. Motion is a great way to grab attention and spur interaction.

Create a Visual Hook

To grab attention and encourage people to stay on your site longer, you need some kind of hook. The best hooks are interesting and promise value right away so people know why they should work with you.

Videos, slide shows, charts and infographics are great tools that draw visitors in and make them want to learn more. These types of content are also very shareable, so you can also post them on social media and drive traffic to your website.

Visual elements like a great layout, pictures that tell a story, moving elements and a hook that draws people in will bring your website to a new level so you can use it as a bigger part of your Internet marketing strategy.