The A-Z Of Digital Marketing: How To Thrive Online (Part Two!)

Are you clued up when it comes to Digital Marketing?

Previously in our A-Z list of all things Digital Marketing Part One, we covered all things from your audience to Link Building, why all these things are crucial when it comes to growing your visibility online and drawing customers to you.

Digital Marketing is such as fast paced way of spreading the word, and keeping up to date with how to grow online will work in your favour. Take a look at Part Two of our list!

M – Measuring

Measuring the traffic to your site, your followers on social media and what keywords work for you and your business is great to help you determine what’s working and what’s not. When you know what your customers like and what they don’t really react to, you can start to plan ahead and look at different Digital Marketing paths and strategies.

N – News

Keeping up to date with all things digital can really help give you a little inspiration. Following icons in the digital marketing businesses, or simply keep up to date with digital marketing news in general will help keep you in the know. You never know, it may give you some ideas on how to do things a little differently to boost your traffic and get more customers. It’s always worth looking at!

O – Organic traffic

The traffic to your website that is unpaid is called organic traffic, which usually comes directly from search engines such as Google.  This is the best kind of traffic! The best way to increase this is by producing new and interesting content on your blog, but of course this isn’t the only way. Getting up to speed with your SEO strategy will really give you a boost.


Being a paid advertising tool, PPC advertising points people direct to your website, and a fee is paid each time someone clicks on the link. A popular type of this advertising is through a search engine and is important to do the relevant keyword research to really get the most out of the tool and too get seen on those search engines!

Q – Questions

Ask questions and answer questions! If there’s something you don’t know about Digital Marketing, speak to the experts. You may be wondering which social media platforms you should be on and how to use them, or how to get your SEO up to scratch to be more searchable on Google. Whatever you question, there is always help around!

Your customers may also have questions for you regarding the products you sell or the service you provide. Answering any customer queries and engaging where possible really grabs you some extra points.

R – Ranking

Who wants to be on page 2 of Google? Not us! Ranking higher up in Google is the key to bringing more customers in. It seems common sense to say that the top result gets a higher percentage of clicks than any other ranked search result, so the higher up on that Google search you are, the more chance you’ll get a nice stream of custom. Take into account everything from our list and you’ll be well on your way!


SEO covers an awful lot of things. It’s not just about building a great website, it’s also everything you do behind the scenes to get more clicks to your site. Producing great quality content on your blog, (including the correct keywords), using effective link building techniques and creative video marketing all make a difference. Combining everything together in the right way will create a flawless SEO strategy!

T – Trending on Twitter

How do you keep up with Twitter trends? On your Twitter homepage, there is a section dedicated to what people are talking about at the moment. If your business is on Twitter (or want to be!) then it’s worth checking out this feature. You can include these trending tags in your posts, or even get some ideas for posts just by looking at this list. Get seen on social media to be talking about what’s popular – may may get a few extra follows out of it!

U – User Experience

You need your customers to have a positive user experience when visiting your website. If not, you’ll risk them turning around to leave! Is your website easy for your customers to use and navigate around? Even if you have a beautiful website that really looks the part, if the navigation is terrible, your customers will simply find somewhere else to shop.

V – Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a brilliant way of getting people to engage with you and to promote your brand online. You can generate interest from your customers easily and you can really shout about a particular product or service through video to a larger audience.

W – Website

Your website is a big one. This is the main place your customers or potential customers will go to shop, do research and browse your product of service. If your website isn’t responsive, or the site doesn’t look professional, people going to your site are not going to take anything further. Make it look the part, make it on brand and your customers will be more likely to make a purchase.

Having a blog on your site is also a must. Google likes fresh new content, so keeping a regular blog is another big tick for digital marketing!

X – XML Sitemap

A sitemap is the model of a website’s content designed to help both users and search engines navigate through pages of content.

Y – YouTube

Linking back to Video Marketing, having a YouTube channel is a great idea, but business don’t tend to use it to it’s full potential. YouTube can bring all sorts of marketing benefits to your business and each video can even make the message your sending to your followers even more powerful.

Z – Zzz…

Don’t bore your potential new customers! You won’t have this problem however if you take into account our A-Z list. The more you put in to your Digital Marketing strategy, the more you’ll get out of it!

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