The A-Z Of Digital Marketing: How To Thrive Online (Part One!)

There’s so much to consider when you’re looking to grab that spot on Google you’ve had your eye on for a while, or to grow your customer base online. How can you up your Digital Marketing game?

Your business is important, and so is it’s online presence. Otherwise, why would it be a business and why else would your eyes be skimming this blog post? You want the best for your business and you want everyone to know about it, but what things should you be doing and looking at to make those number one Google ranking dreams a reality or to really grow your customer base?

Bigfoot Digital’s success in Digital Marketing

As a company who dominates Google searches for terms such as ‘SEO Services Barnsley’ and ‘SEO Services in London’ (we don’t boast much!) we know all the secrets to getting up to that number one spot. We use social media every day and engage with our followers. Our tried and tested formula has worked for us, and it could work for you too. All you need is a little time and patience.

So what can you do for your business in terms of Digital Marketing? Take a look at our A to Z tips!

A – Audience

Your audience are the most important people on the planet in your eyes, and it’s up to you to keep them happy! These are the people you’re selling your product and service to and are the ones you need to listen to. What makes them laugh? What makes them want to buy a product? You must make sure you’re selling and promoting what you do to the right people. If not, then what’s the point? People who are not interested in something you’re trying to sell them really won’t work, and you’ll be walking round in circles instead of growing your online presence.

B – Be patient

Nothing happens over night. You can’t expect to move mountains over 24 hours! As there is so much to consider and work towards, you need to have a little patience. The process could be long, but very much worth it in the end. Every little thing you do behind the scenes builds up to create a solid foundation for your business and if you keep at it, that Google ranking or more sales that you’re after will be in the bag.

C – Creative content

Wherever you post your content, whether this be on social media or a blog on your website, you need to make sure it is interesting and tailored to your audience. Think about posts where people can engage and put their views across, or writing something that will spark discussion. People are more than likely to follow what you do and read your posts when it is creative than if it’s just a plain old paragraph of uninspiring letters. Think about Video Marketing and how to post on your social media pages to grab attention and those all important followers.

D – Dedication

You can’t start your journey into Digital Marketing only to lose faith halfway through and give up; that’s not what it’s about! You and your team need to be fully dedicated and committed to getting your business where you want it to be. If you’re not, then why even start? Here at Bigfoot Digital, our team is 100% dedicated to getting results for our clients, and we don’t stop until we’ve got them!

E – Enthusiasm

We love, live and breath all things Digital Marketing and love coming to work every day to work on our own and our client’s Digital Marketing strategies! If you’re not enthusiastic about growing your business online, then we’d love to have a chat with you (we bet we can change your mind!)

F- Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a great way to promote your business, as are other social media platforms! Being on Facebook really increases brand awareness and is a great way of posting content for you followers to see. Did you know that Facebook has 2 billion active users? Or that 400 users sign up to Facebook every minute? We’re on Facebook, and if you’re not, why not?!

G – Google My Business

Google My Business is a great way to get your business noticed online and across Google itself. This tool enables you to manage your business information and update it regularly so your customers are always in the know. Your customers can even leave reviews where you can respond and engage with them. A definite plus when it comes to Digital Marketing!

H- Hashtags

Using #hashtags across your social media pages is a great way to get more people looking at your posts. What hashtags are trending on Twitter? Which hashtags on Instagram do people use on their images the most? If you do your research into Hashtags and which ones can work for your business, you’ll really improve your visibility on social media and you’ll get more new followers in return.

I – Instagram Marketing

Another popular social media platform is Instagram – the photo and video based app that everyone seems to be using these days – a perfect opportunity for more followers to get to know you! There are 800 million Instagram accounts across the world. Just imagine how many potential new customers that could be! Using Instagram properly can be a huge benefit to your business online.

J – Jargon

There are so many terms online that may scare you, or even make you think online marketing is too difficult! Getting up to speed with the digital world and all the terms that come with it is very beneficial and will give you more knowledge and expertise.

K – Keywords

What words do your potential customers search for on Google to find a business like yours? Do you want a rank for a certain keyword? Doing your research is essential and working this out early on in your Digital Marketing journey will make things a lot easier. Think about Keyword Relevancy, the tools you can use to look at keywords for a particular subject and location based keywords.

L – Link Building

Increasing the amounts of links to your website is crucial when it comes to SEO. Your website should be trusted, and gaining links from other sites to yours, linking to your blog posts and generating more interesting content is key when it comes to link building. Again, the process is lengthy but if you stick to it, the results could be astonishing. That number one position on Google could be on the horizon!

Check back on our blog soon for Part 2 of our A-Z of Digital  Marketing!

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