A Simple Question that could Drastically Change your Content Marketing Results

Content marketing is a very effective way to brand your business online, but if you don’t do it the right way, you risk spending a lot of time and resources on a tactic that doesn’t bring the best results. There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect content marketing strategy that helps you reach your market, include your marketing message and brand your business.

But, there’s one simple question that could drastically change the results you see: “Am I creating the content I want or the content my market needs?”

A Common Pitfall: Confused Priorities

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses get caught in the trap of creating content that sounds fun and promotes a product from an insider’s point of view. In other words, they don’t prioritise their market’s needs.

As an insider at your business, it’s easy to create content that appeals to you, someone who is already familiar with your products and services and who is already a fan of your business. The problem is that this kind of content doesn’t usually appeal to potential customers, previous customers, volunteers, donors or investors.

It’s also easy to fall into creating content that is easy to publish and distribute, even if that content may not be ideal for helping you send your message and reach your goals.

Ask Yourself the Question

To avoid this problem, ask yourself if your content is the content you want or the content your market needs. In other words, is the content you produce the type of content that will interest and sway your target market?

An easy way to analyse your content is to look at a few key pieces. For example, read one of your recent articles and identify the target market, incentive and message. Check to see if the content is produced with your target market in mind and would get peoples’ attention with topics that are interesting or valuable to them. Then, see if you can find the message and decide whether or not it’s the one that will help you reach your goals.

If you can easily find these elements and they are in alignment with your overall digital marketing and branding strategies, your content will most likely be effective. On the other hand, if these elements are vague and the messages don’t appeal to the intended market, you may need to rethink your content marketing approach.

How to Make the Change

Of course, it’s much easier if the content you use is designed strategically to begin with. To do this, you need a content creation plan that will ensure each piece does what it is intended to do.

Start by outlining what you want to achieve with content marketing, which market can help you do that and what you need to tell people. Then, instead of creating content that is convenient or interesting to you, as an insider, create content with these elements in mind.

As you change your approach and create the type of content your market needs, people will begin to rely on you as a resource, identify with your brand, trust your business and respond to your calls to action, helping you be much more successful.