A Simple Checklist for Choosing Content Marketing Topics

Creating a successful content marketing plan and executing your strategy well requires you to choose the right topics. When you choose content topics that will resonate with your market, include your marketing message and will help you promote your business, your entire plan will be more successful, bringing bigger benefits to your business.

As you choose topics for your content marketing plan, use this checklist to help you come up with new ideas and decide if your content will help you reach your goals.

The Topic Meets a Need or Solves a Problem

All of your content should have a purpose beyond promoting your brand. It should aim to meet a need or solve a problem to assist your market in some way. This does two things: first, it helps you position yourself as a resource people can turn to and second, it makes it more likely that people will pay attention to your content.

Make a list of some of your market’s needs or problems and then find ways you can use content to help resolve those issues. For example, if your market is looking for affordable technology, find ways to use your content to show people what affordable solutions you offer or how they can use technology on a budget.

The Content Type is Interesting and Engaging

Use a variety of content types to get and maintain attention. Fresh content types, visually interesting content and unique pieces will also be more interesting, making you stand out online.

Different kinds of content also lend themselves to different messages and goals. Videos, blog posts, infographics, images, how-to guides and ebooks can all accomplish different things. You can use a variety of content that all complements each other, creating a robust and powerful content marketing strategy.

The Subject will move People to Action

The topics you choose should help you move people to action so you can accomplish your goals. They should be insightful, compelling and powerful enough that they make people want to change what they are doing.

This change could be as simple as becoming aware of your business or as big as buying a product. Some content may not be purely promotional, while other pieces might push a call to action a little more strongly, but all of your content should support your goals.

The Calls to Action Match your Goals

As you intertwine calls to action throughout your topics and pieces of content, make sure they match your goals. In other words, the things you ask your market to do should directly relate to what you want to accomplish as a business.

For example, if your goal is to increase sales, you should make people aware of your products and then ask them to make a purchase. If your goal is simply to raise awareness and build an online presence, you may encourage people to visit your website or share your content.

The Publishing Platform Works with your Strategy

Finally, the publishing platform you choose for your content should work with your strategy. Your blog, industry blogs, news sites, directories, video sites, social media networks and other types of platforms can all help you promote your content, but choosing the right ones will ensure your market sees your content.

Publish and share your content where your market will see it and use platforms that have the features you need to get your message across. As you publish strategically, you’ll find that people will engage with your content and it will bring results.

Using this checklist will help you find the right topics for your content marketing plan, so it will support your overall marketing strategy and help your business build its online brand.