A Quick Guide to Promoting a new Blog

Your blog becomes more powerful as you gain a loyal audience that reads and responds to your content, explores your site and helps you share your posts. When you launch a new blog, how do you build that readership?

Growing a blog audience takes time, consistency and a firm understanding of who you want to reach, and it is something you will have to constantly work at. This quick guide will help you get started.

Know your Audience

First, know who your ideal reader is. What is he interested in? Why does he come to your blog? What kind of value can you provide for him? Brainstorm who your readership will likely be and then find ways you can meet that market’s needs.

You can do this by putting yourself in your readers’ shoes and you can do some professional market research, surveys, polls and focus groups to get to know your potential readers.

Produce Content Consistently

As people start coming to your blog, you want them to feel like they are getting value there. You want your blog to look alive and updated. The best way to do this is to produce content consistently. This will help you keep readers coming back and will also help your search engine optimisation efforts.

Optimise your Posts for Search Engines

While some people might find your blog as you share links to it, others might stumble upon it through search results. With this in mind, optimise your blog and each post with keywords your readers are likely to use. Also, don’t forget to use meta descriptions and tags to help your content rank.

Share your Posts in the Right Places

One of the most conventional ways to get blog traffic is to share posts through social media and online forums. But, before you jump right in and do this, be sure you are using the right channels. Find out where your readers hang out online, which websites and social media networks they frequent, and meet them there.

Get out there and Join Conversations

As you share your own blog posts, get out there and participate in other conversations. Share content from others, comment on others’ social media and blog posts and participate in social media chats and groups. Your readers come to your blog for your content, but don’t forget you’re the one behind it. As people get to know who you are and what your blog offers, they will want to read it and keep coming back for your latest posts.

Add your Blog to your other Marketing Efforts

Don’t forget to make your blog part of your other marketing efforts. Create posts as part of product launch, content marketing, SEO and event campaigns so that your promotional and blogging efforts can work together for better benefits. You should also use your other marketing channels, like email marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimisation, to promote your new blog and attract a readership.

Creating an audience for a new blog takes time and patience. But, as you use these guidelines and continue to produce relevant, valuable and high-quality content, you will grow a community that will benefit your online branding and marketing efforts.