A Content Assessment Checklist

          Image courtesy of mt 23/Flickr.

How do you know when it is time to replace old content? The content on your website, the about page on your blog, landing page copy, and any other online content you use for marketing is usually created with the intent of being evergreen. This content was created in the hopes that it could be used for a long time before it became outdated.

However, as your business changes, your market evolves, your products are updated or your mission changes, your content will need to be replaced. Sometimes, even if you have experienced very little organizational change, updating your content can help you be more successful. If you aren’t sure if it’s time for a content update, use this checklist to assess your content.

1. Does your content include current business information?

The first clue that it’s time to update your content is if it uses outdated information. If the content on your website, or anywhere else for that matter, is no longer accurate, it is time to redo it so that it provides the correct information to your audience and accurately describes your business.

2. Does your content match your audience?

When you originally created your content it was probably aimed at your audience, or your target market. Is that still the case? Sometimes businesses evolve, and the markets they need to target change. Other times, markets change. What your market wanted from your business five years ago may be different than what it wants now.

3. Does your content help you meet your goals?

Make a list of your company’s goals and then see if your content helps you reach them. For example, if one of your goals is to get more people to subscribe to your emails, does your content encourage people to sign up? Or, if your goal is to raise awareness about what your brand is all about, does your content tell people what you do? If the answers to these questions is “no,” it is time to update your content.

4. Does your content convey your brand?

Your brand has probably developed over time. Does the content you use reflect your current brand image? Branding can be communicated through style, tone, voice, word choice, colors, sounds, organization and the overall look and feel of your content. If your content doesn’t match your brand, it needs to be updated.

5. Does your content cover all aspects of your business or offerings?

If you have added new parts to your business, new products, new services, new locations or anything else that is not covered in your current content, you need to update it. It is difficult to be successful when your content does not match what your business currently does.

Using current content that attracts your target market, helps you reach your goals and conveys your brand is a vital part of your success. If you answered “no” to any of the questions on this checklist, it is time to start updating your content.