A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Twitter Advertising

Businesses that advertise on Twitter can reach more people, build their audiences, make more sales and even encourage people to install their mobile apps. Getting started with advertising is easier than you may think, and in just a few steps you can start sending promoted tweets and reaping these benefits.

Step 1: Choose your Campaign Style

While you are logged in to your Twitter account, click on “Advertise” under your profile picture and then click on the “Create new campaign” button on the top, right side of the page.

From here, you can choose a campaign style from a list of options. If you choose one of these categories, Twitter will walk you through the process of setting up a very goal-driven campaign. There is also a “custom” option that will allow you to set up a campaign from scratch.

Step 2: Compose your Tweet

The tweet’s copy should be interesting enough to capture attention but should also include things that will influence your market as well as a call to action that will help you accomplish what you set out to do.

You can use links to help you drive people to your website or promote a product and hashtags can help you start or join a conversation, helping you tap into the power of word of mouth. If you are using images, choose pictures that will help your tweet stand out and support your message.

Step 3: Target your Tweet

As you set up your campaign, you can choose to promote your tweet by location, gender, language, device, interests, behaviours and other categories. You can even choose a tweet you have already published to promote. This is also where you can choose to promote the tweet in users’ timelines or in search results. Twitter’s platform allows for all kinds of niche targeting, so take advantage of the options to make sure you are directing your tweet to the right people.

Step 4: Assign a Budget

On Twitter, you only pay for completed actions that you assign to a campaign. For example, you will only pay when people click on your links or download your app.

For each of your Twitter ad campaigns, or promoted tweets, you will set a daily maximum budget and can choose to also set a total budget. The daily maximum budget is the highest amount you want to spend each day and once your campaign reaches that amount, the ad will stop running. The same holds true for the total budget amount, but that number applies to the life of the campaign.

Your campaign will continue to run until the preselected end date, you manually stop it or you have reached your maximum budget amount.

Step 5: Analyse Results and Make Alterations

Use Twitter’s analytics options to monitor how well your ad campaigns are doing. Look at statistics that will help you decide if the promoted tweets are helping you reach your goals. In most cases, you will need to try a few different approaches to find the type of advertising, copy, images and links that work best for your business.

Make alterations as needed and keep track of the changes you are making so that over time, your promoted tweets will become more successful. Don’t forget that you can also go back and promote old tweets if you see that they were particularly successful in driving clicks, retweets or engagement.

Twitter advertising can help bring social media marketing campaigns to a whole new level and once you start finding what kinds of campaigns work best, you’ll see major benefits to your marketing plan and business as a whole.