9 Lesser-Known Google Tools for your Business

While it can seem like your business is always trying to figure out Google in order to rank your pages, drive traffic to your site and accomplish your marketing goals, Google hasn’t abandoned you in this effort.

In fact, the search giant offers all kinds of resources meant to help digital marketers and businesses be successful online. While things like Google AdSense, Google Merchant Center, Google My Business, and Google Analytics are amazing tools, this list goes beyond those well-known options.

Google Trends

With this tool you can explore search trends by category and see trending stories. But, one of the more powerful aspects is the “explore topics” search bar. Type any term here and see its interest over time, regional interest and related searches by topic and query. The ability to filter results by geographic area, timeframe and even category means you can drill down deep as you research keywords and content topics.

Google Alerts

This simple tool alerts you whenever any term you can imagine is mentioned online in Google search results. Use this tool to amp up your marketing by monitoring your own business name and brand-related terms and even watch your competition, by getting email notifications whenever these terms pop up.

Google News and Blog Search

Google News and Blog Search can help you stay on top of what’s going on in your industry and inspire your content marketing plans. To access these tools, do a regular Google search and then choose “News” from the menu at the top of the search results. Then, if you click the “Search tools” button, you’ll be given another menu, where you can choose “All news” and then “blogs.”

Mobile-Friendly Test

Type in your site’s URL and this handy tool will instantly tell you if your site is mobile friendly. You’ll get to see how Googlebot sees your site and even what resources are blocked. If your site isn’t deemed mobile friendly, you’ll see a list of reasons why and can get help solving those issues.

Google Site Search

This simple tool adds a Google search bar to your website, along with Google search’s power and technology. This is extremely useful on large e-commerce or informational sites, where your customers could be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content you provide.

Google FeedBurner

Google FeedBurner helps you create a feed your site visitors can subscribe to so they won’t miss your newest content. Subscribers can view your content through the internet, email updates and RSS readers, boosting your content marketing reach.

Google Sites

If you’re looking for an internal collaboration or documentation tool, check out Google Sites. This tool lets you set up a website, complete with subpages, announcements, lists, and a dashboard, that you can use to plan projects or collaborate using shared notes. You can even post things like videos, spreadsheets, photos, and presentations on your site. Use custom settings to make your site available to view or edit by specific teams, everyone at your business, or the public.

Think with Google

This comprehensive and in-depth resource is a place where you can keep up with Google research and tools. It’s a great place to learn about how you can improve your own marketing and get insight into what Google is doing on the marketing front.

Google Help

Did you know Google has a customer service resource? This offers support for anything from Gmail and Drive to AdWords and Google My Business. This site offers support for any Google-owned tool or site, so this is the go-to place if you get stuck or need help with any Google tools or features.

As you reboot your digital marketing plan for 2016, or come up with new campaigns for the new year, consider using these, and Google’s other tools, to make your job easier and find ways to be more successful with online marketing.