8 Ways to use Images in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Image courtesy of Jonathan_W/Flickr.

Pictures bring an extra “something” to social media and Internet marketing. When your content has rich images, it’s often easier to capture your audience’s attention and convey your message.

There are so many creative ways you can incorporate pictures into your strategy and when you do, you’ll breathe new life into your online content and bring your messaging to a whole new level.

Highlighting Product Features

Don’t just tell your market about a product’s features, show them off with photos. These kinds of images can generate hype about a new product and help people more fully understand why your product is the best on the market.

Demonstrating Product Use

You can prove how useful and valuable a product is by demonstrating it through photos. Of course, you can also use videos to do this, but with a picture you can quickly show how something works or demonstrate results.

Dressing up a Message

Share short marketing messages, testimonials, information about discounts and other short pieces of text with an image to make it more interesting and so it will stand out online. You can easily use photo-editing software to put text on top of a relevant image.

Bringing a Remote Audience to an Event

When you host a product launch, conference or other event, chances are that there will be people in your market who can’t attend. Bring them to the event virtually by sharing photos, on your blog or through social media, as the event unfolds.

Connecting with others on Social Media

We recently blogged about how you can now tag people in pictures on Twitter, and most other major social media networks also allow you to do this. Tagging people in photos is one more way you can connect and interact with them on social media.

Getting Your Audience Involved

Ask your market to submit photos to get people involved and engaged with your brand on your website or through social media. Some easy ways to do this include holding a photo contest, asking people to submit pictures of them using your products or encouraging people to share photos of them at your location. You may need to offer an incentive, like giving a discount or holding a raffle, to get people excited about this.

Giving a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Sharing photos is a great way to let people get a behind-the-scenes look that makes them feel like they have the inside story and that they are involved with your brand. Take these kinds of pictures at your office, events, product launches and anywhere else that will give people a unique view of your business.

Making information More Shareable

When you combine information, in the form of facts or statistics, with an image, people are more likely to share it on social media. The most common form of this tactic is an infographic, but you can do this on a smaller scale by putting an interesting statistic on top of a relevant image.

Images let you reach your market, get peoples’ attention and even convey your messages in new ways. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to including photos in an Internet marketing strategy, so assess your goals and find places where photos can enhance your strategy.