8 Themes for Interesting and Effective Infographics

Brainstorming interesting themes for infographics is one of the first steps in this content creation process. Of course, you’ll need to determine your target market and marketing messages first. After that, it’s time to let your creative juices flow!

The theme you choose will need to be conducive to your goals, but you can also think outside the box and get creative to make your infographics more interesting. Here are eight themes you can use to make your content stand out.


A timeline is one of the most basic types of infographics and is one that can help you tell a story. Use this theme to educate your market about the history of your business or products or to illustrate how your industry has changed over time.

Size Comparisons

You can use an infographic to compare sizes using to-scale images, maps or graphics to make scale easier to comprehend. Keep in mind that you can also use this type of infographic to highlight the sheer size or scope of something. For example, how tall all of your store locations would be if you stacked them on top of each other.

Before and After Views

A cleverly designed infographic can also help you show off a before and after view. You can use pictures to illustrate this or just facts, numbers and graphs to compare before and after situations.

Anatomy of your Product

If you sell products that have lots of technical details or features your market needs to know about, sharing them through an infographic can be much more interesting than a list of specifications.

Facts and Statistics Galore

Infographics that make facts and statistics easier to take in and understand are very helpful in highly technical fields. Use design, images and graphs to make numbers easier to read and remember. To make this type of infographic come together, make sure all of your facts and figures relate to each other and support an overall idea.

Cause and Effect

Similar to the before and after theme, cause and effect infographics can tell a market what different actions or scenarios lead to. These are commonly used to illustrate how a market’s behaviour effects a community, industry, business or their own lives. These can be eye opening and can encourage people to take action and make a change.

Problem and Solution

Problem and solution infographics can highlight a common problem your market has and how your business or products can act as a solution. These are great sales tools and can feel less pushy and overwhelming to potential customers. They can also quickly communicate information and the benefits customers will see when they buy your products.

How-to Guide

How-to guides are a valuable type of content that can help you become a resource and authority in your industry. Turning them into infographics simplifies them and makes them easier to use and more shareable.

Infographics can be creative, fun and interesting, which makes them popular on social media and blogs. These themes will give you a simple way to convey a lot of information, tell a story and illustrate ideas in a way your market will easily understand.