8 Creative ways to use Customer Testimonials for Marketing

Image courtesy of Nongkran_ch/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Testimonials are valuable because they can help you reach your customers in a way few other tactics can. The popular idea that people do business with their friends is true. People like to hear from other people who are like them and are sometimes more likely to trust happy customers than they are a business.

There are so many ways you can incorporate customer testimonials into your marketing strategy. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Use them Strategically on your Website

Don’t hide your testimonials in a place on your site where no one will see them. Put them on your home page where people will see them, next to product information, on landing pages or on your sales pages. Use them at key places throughout your site where people are likely to be swayed by what your satisfied customers have to say.

Include them in Email Marketing Strategies

Another great place to use testimonials is in your emails. Choose the right testimonials for the right emails and lists of subscribers so they will attract and resonate with your readers. Keep these testimonials short and to the point when possible.

Post them to Social Media and Tag Customers

Get your testimonials in front of a lot of people by posting them to social media. Take it further by tagging the people who wrote the testimonial to encourage interaction and even more sharing. Keep in mind that you should get a person’s permission before publishing a testimonial with her name.

Use them for Infographic Content

Infographics are visual and give you an easy way to share a lot of information very clearly. Consider adding some testimonials to an infographic along with some statistics about your products, the number of people who use your services and the benefits you can provide.

Combine them with Images

Combine testimonials with images so they grab people’s attention and are more interesting. These kinds of photos can be shared on social media and your blog. Pair testimonials with pictures of your products, events, customers or just attractive images that help you build your brand.

Add them to Online Ads

Use testimonials on your banner and social media ads to communicate to your market how satisfied your customers are. These kinds of ads can be very persuasive and can help you build trust as people hear from your customers, not just your marketing team.

Try Using Video Testimonials

Mix things up a little by using video testimonials. There are lots of ways you could do this, including taping customers, showing your products in action and using a voiceover to read the testimonials or using an animated video that uses text to share the testimonials.

Display them in your Stores

Don’t forget offline marketing too! You can display testimonials in your stores on counters, walls or as part of displays. You can also include them in marketing materials like brochures, catalogs and other printed materials.

Using testimonials in your marketing efforts can help you build trust with your market and gain more customers. Start with some solid testimonials that prove your worth, value and benefits and then find creative ways to use them as part of your marketing strategy.