7 Video Marketing tips You can’t Miss

Image courtesy of Luke Roberts/Flickr.

Yesterday we posted about how videos can bring a whole new element to your marketing campaign. They give you a new level of creativity and can help you reach your market in a new way. But, to really get the most out of videos, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Right Occasion, Right Message

While videos can work for many situations, they won’t necessarily work for all situations. Look at your business, goals and market and decide where to use videos to get the most return on your investment. Also consider your message and remember that some messages are more conducive to videos than others.

Consider your Current Marketing Plan

Many times, videos can be used to enhance a marketing plan that is already being executed. Videos can breathe new life into social media plans and blogs and can help you emphasise a message and engage with your market.

Don’t Skip Calls to Action

To make your video more valuable and see results, don’t skip calls to action. Each video should have a very clear goal and in most cases, should ask viewers to do something. You may ask people to purchase a product, visit your website, attend an event or take another action that will help you reach your business goals.

Attention Span is Limited

You only have so much time to capture and keep a viewer’s attention and make him want to finish watching your video. In some cases, you may only want to produce a 60-second video. In others, you may have a few minutes to set the scene and share your message. Determine your video’s length after evaluating your purpose, calls to action and distribution channels.

Make it Shareable

Everyone wants people to share their content online. We know how powerful content can be when it goes viral and creates a buzz on social media, widening your audience and helping you get your message to more people.

But, to get these benefits, you need to make your videos shareable. Start by producing videos that have a clear value, are entertaining and are high quality. Then, make it easy for people to share them by posting them on social media and adding sharing buttons to them when you post them on your website.

Distribution Channels are Important

Once you produce a video, it’s important to choose your distribution channels wisely. Depending on your market and goals, you may promote your video on your website, blog, social media site or a third-party website.

Pro Editing Matters

The quality of your video will speak to your brand, level of professionalism and even the quality of the services you provide. Excellent editing will make your video more effective and help you build your brand and reputation.

We offer video marketing services and you can get in touch with us to find out how you can enhance your current video marketing plan or start using videos at your business for the first time.

Video marketing is an excellent way to reach and move your market, and when you keep these tips in mind you can leverage each video for best results.