7 tips to take your Facebook Advertising from Good to Great

Facebook advertising can be a valuable part of your social media marketing strategy if you use it right. All of your ads need to be strategically planned so they will resonate with your market and encourage people to click on them.

But, there are some extra tips you can use to make sure your ads are more than good; to make sure they are great and bring the best results possible.

Test Different Ad Types

There are four main types of Facebook ads: sidebar ads, mobile app ads, sponsored stories and video ads. Not only can each of these styles help you frame your message and calls to action in a different way, but they could also each help you reach a different segment of your market. Test different types to find out which ones work best for your business.

Explore Facebook’s Options

Facebook offers advertisers a lot of options when it comes to designing and targeting ads. Explore those options and experiment with different settings to make sure your ads are successful and to find new ways to reach your market.

Use Text on your Images

Enhance the images you use on your ads by overlaying text. This is a great way to make an announcement, spread your message and increase brand awareness. Facebook requires that any text used on images takes up 20 percent or less of the total image space.

Use Action Words

All of your ads should include a call to action and the best way to make sure it is clear and strong is to include action words. Ads with words like “subscribe,” “buy,” “sample,” “download,” and “sign up” are more likely to lead to responses than ads without action words.

Keep Design and Text Simple

Don’t try to cram too much into your ads. Instead, stick with simple images and clean designs that attract attention and convey your message simply and quickly. Ads that are too busy can be overwhelming and users might actually ignore them.

Rotate Ads

Don’t just stick with the same ads, rotate the styles, messages and links you use for better results. Of course, you can always do this manually, but you can also use Facebook’s settings for automatic rotation.

Highlight Benefits

Don’t just tell your market what you are selling; tell people what benefits you can provide. Talking about how your product can help people or how your service can do something your market doesn’t want to miss out on will capture attention. This technique can also help you increase your click-through rate as people will want to find out how they can get all the great benefits you are offering.

To get the most out of Facebook advertising, you need to start with targeted and well-designed ads. Then, experiment with different designs, Facebook’s settings and different types of ads to find what works best for your market. Keep these tips in mind as you enhance your campaigns and start new ones.