7 Ideas on how to make your content more engaging

The competition for your audience is higher than ever and this is why it is important to ensure that your website content stands out from the rest. Engagement is becoming more challenging as human attention spans are becoming shorter. If your audience doesn’t engage with your content within a few seconds, then it will be difficult to persuade them to read on. This is why marketers are investing more time and money into content.
The problem is that many marketers have to work with a limited budget. Unlike the Coco-Colas of this world, brands need to make the most of what they have to work with. Marketers need to ensure that every pound that is invested in content delivers a maximum return on investment.
Creating engaging content doesn’t have to be difficult it can be easier than you think, here are seven techniques that could help you create an amazing strategy.
Content including video is likely to attract three times more links that plain text posts. When you are creating your next blog post, try to think about the different ways you can integrate video. You do not need a huge production budget to create compelling videos for your content when sites such as YouTube exist.

Involve your community
Understanding your readers is vital when formulating your content strategy. Create content that you will know will be of interest to them. Give your audience the opportunity to contribute to your posts. Encourage people to share on social media so your blog gains traction, social signals can benefit your overall online presence.

Talk to your audience
Successful content marketing will encourage conversation in a natural way so inspire readers to participate in discussions and debates. Respond to comments with follow-up questions, this will show your audience just how much you care. Not sure how to go about sparking conversation? Just ask your readers to provide input, this is proof that you value what they say and that you are willing to listen.

Engaging with audiences across multiple channels
Blogging is only a small part of content marketing. You can create great material but if you do not have the right audience then your efforts could be wasted. The main challenge with content marketing is that your readers’ lead busy lives and it may be difficult for them to commit to your blog on a regular basis. Marketers must ensure that content is easily available to the audience so distribute your blog through e-mail marketing campaigns and social media channels.
Take a personal approach

Many marketers struggle to get their ideas onto paper. Blogging is about starting natural conversations so you should stop worrying about filling your content with jargon and focus on creating valuable and sharable content.

Publish photos
Many brands cut corners by avoiding using images in their content and this is a big mistake. Compelling images are essential as most humans are visually driven. Whether you are producing content for a blog or social media you must ensure that your content looks as great as it reads.

Pretty compelling, right?

Avoid over promotion
The most valuable tip of them all, avoid being too overly promotional. Readers do not want to feel pressurised into buying. The more you pitch to them, the more they will shy away from your brand.
The most successful way of engaging with people is to stop selling. Focus on giving them valuable information.
Focus on what content your readers want and what they will find useful, the rest will fall naturally into place.

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