6 Ways to Increase your Email Open Rate

Image courtesy of Photokanok/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

How can you be successful with email marketing if people don’t actually open your emails? You really only have a few seconds and a subject line to get people interested enough in your email to open it.

There are all kinds of tips out there on how to write effective subject lines, but the real key is to send emails with real value and to communicate that value in the subject. Here are a few ways you can start doing this at your business.

Give a Special Discount or Promote a Sale

Most people are excited by discounts, coupons and sales. Offer these in your emails and be sure to tell people about it in your subject line. Of course, you don’t have to offer a discount with every email, but if you do this on a regular basis you’ll attract and retain email subscribers.

Offer a Freebie

Discounts are great, but everyone loves a freebie once in a while! This is another great way to get people to open your emails and can help you show potential customers what you are capable of when you offer a sample of your work. Other great freebies include how-to guides, digital downloads, ebooks and tool kits.

Announce a New Product or Feature

Get your audience’s attention with an email subject line that announces a new product or feature. This is a great hook for current customers because it grabs their attention and shows them that you are constantly developing and improving the way you do things to satisfy your customers.

Promote an Event

Use email marketing to promote events. Whether you hold local events, national conferences, webinars or Google Hangouts, you can keep your emails fresh and current with details about how people can get involved. Be sure to promise a benefit in your subject line so people will want to open the email and participate in your event.

Tell People How to get the Most out of your Products

Keep your current customers interested and engaged by helping them get the most out of your products and services. Send emails that offer how-to information, tips, tutorials and ideas for using your products. This kind of information is useful to your customers but it also reminds them how valuable your products are and why they want to continue doing business with you.

Give Exclusive Access to a Product or Service

Giving email subscribers exclusive access to products or services piques their interest and can help you generate more sales. There are lots of ways to do this, for example, offer subscribers access to more content on your website or the chance to try your service before you officially launch it. This helps you build excitement, attract more customers and even make more sales as people get excited about and like your products.

To get results with email marketing you need to combine excellent content with great subject lines. When you do this people will open your emails and respond to your calls to action, helping you succeed.