6 Ways to Bring your YouTube Channel to Life and See Results

YouTube channels can either be a hub of activity or a no-man’s land. When your channel is alive with recent videos, comments and branding, it can bring big results for your business. Great YouTube channels can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site and help you spread your message as people share your videos.

If you use video marketing, you likely have a YouTube channel set up. But, are you getting the most out of it? When you use some special features and take some steps to enhance your channel, it can become more than just a convenient place to upload videos; it can become a powerful marketing tool.

Get a Custom URL

YouTube has just announced that users can now claim a custom channel URL. This means that you can change your URL from one that includes your username to anything you want. Take advantage of this to make your page more branded and easier for your market to find by choosing a short, memorable URL people are likely to associate with you.

Brand your Channel Page

Make your channel page look like it belongs to your business by branding it. Use a profile picture and cover image that speak to who you are. You can also use more subtle touches like the style of copy or video titles you use, consistent video formatting and logos on your videos to make sure your audience instantly recognises your channel as part of your business.

Add Web Links

YouTube allows you to add links to your channel, which will appear on the right-hand side of your page. Use these links to direct people to your website and other social media accounts. This is a great way to tie your channel back to your business so it feels like a cohesive part of your online presence, rather than just a place to store videos.

Write a Compelling, Optimised Description

Use your channel’s description to brand your page, make it findable and make people want to subscribe. Use a style and tone that reflect your business and make sure the content is optimised with keywords and phrases people may search for. Tell people what your channel delivers and why they should subscribe so you can build a following.

Use Playlists Strategically

Organise your videos into playlists that help you leverage your channel. When used correctly, they can help you highlight your content, make it easier for subscribers to find what they are looking for and help you promote different aspects of your business or reach different markets. Don’t discount the value of playlists. Start organising your videos right away and develop them as you upload more videos.

Manage your Community

YouTube gives channel creators a streamlined dashboard that makes it easy to manage their community. Use this to respond to comments and listen to what people are saying about your videos. This kind of feedback is invaluable and can help you find out what kind of content people are looking for.

YouTube is an excellent internet marketing tool that can help you create a community and easily share your videos. Use these tips to make sure you don’t neglect your channel and miss out on the opportunities it could bring your business.