6 Warning Signs that you’re Spamming your Email Subscribers

Avoiding even the appearance of spam is essential if you want to make email marketing work for your business.

When you send valuable and helpful emails that generate a response from your market, this form of marketing can be very powerful and even help support other marketing efforts.

It’s generally easy to recognise a spam email when we see one, but there are some subtle signs that you may be walking the fine line between wanted email and spammy email.

High Unsubscription Rates

One of the very first signs that your emails aren’t working is a high unsubscription rate. If people are getting your messages and then leaving your list in masses, you are doing something wrong. In most cases, people aren’t seeing the value in your messages and are unsubscribing because they see your emails as spam.

Lack of Clicks

If people aren’t clicking on the links you are sharing through your emails, it could mean they feel they are spammy. People may not trust your content or you may not be capturing peoples’ interest enough to make them want to click on links. Check to make sure your emails are professional and provide value so they are trustworthy and generate clicks.

No Measurable Response

Your emails should help you reach some of your marketing goals. Gaining more website visitors, making more sales and attracting more social media followers are common email marketing goals. Use a system to track these actions to see if your emails are bringing the results you want. If they aren’t, your subscribers may feel they are spammy.

Unprofessional Email Design

Take a look at your message design and layout. Does it look professional? Is it branded? Does it draw attention to calls to action? If the answer to these questions is “no,” your emails are at risk of looking spammy. When someone opens your message, you have a matter of seconds to make a good first impression and draw people in, so make sure your design works to your benefit.

Lack of Reason to Email

If it’s a stretch to come up with a reason to email your subscribers, chances are that your message won’t be valuable to your readers. Avoid looking like spam by making sure each of your messages provides a very specific value and is helpful and informative to subscribers. This simple step will help you retain your subscribers and get the results you are looking for.

Wrong Frequency is Being Used

Spam emails are overwhelming and fill up peoples’ inboxes. They are sent too frequently and these campaigns get to the point where they annoy subscribers. Avoid this problem by sending emails regularly but not sending them too often. You’ll need to experiment with your emails and market to find the frequency that works for your audience and benefits your business.

If you recognise any of these warning signs, reassess your email marketing to make sure you aren’t coming off as spammy, driving your market away and harming your business.