6 Value-Packed Blog Posts you can Use at your Business

Business blog posts are an incredibly valuable part of your website.

Blogging is an online marketing and content marketing tactic that can help you communicate with your market, portray your message and boost your search rankings. But, the best business blog posts are the ones that pack a lot of value so they benefit your readers and help you establish yourself as a thought leader and industry expert.

Publishing a variety of post styles can help you keep your blog interesting and brainstorm new ideas, so your blog is always alive with new, valuable information. Here are six business blog post styles you can try for yourself:

The informer.

This blog post is one of the most common types and simply serves to tell your market about something. When you use this post, tell your market about something they may not know about or approach something from a new angle. To make this work, choose topics that appeal to your readers while still being relevant to your business.

The how-to tutorial.

‘How-to’ business blog posts are very popular because they provide a lot of value and people like to share them. People also frequently search the internet for tips or advice, so this kind of content could earn high rankings. A tutorial could teach your readers how to use one of your products in a new way or simply teach them how to do something that’s relevant to your business.

The breaking news post.

Posting about breaking news is a great way to keep your content fresh and stay on the cutting edge in your industry or community. Like any other business blog post, this type of post should be relevant to your market and business. If you are able to produce this quickly and then share it on social media, it could gain a lot of traction and help you reach new readers.

The industry update.

An industry update is similar to a breaking news post, but it is not urgent. This type of post could be about a new trend in your industry, a new technology, a new way of thinking about something or a new solution to a common problem. Providing this kind of post can help you become a go-to resource for industry news.

The product highlight.

A product highlight blog post could help you promote one of your products and increase sales. Make this more valuable by explaining how the product can benefit your market and even offering a discount or doing a giveaway.

The event invitation or summary.

Whenever you host an event, promote it with a post on your blog and then share it through social media and email marketing. Then, be sure to follow up after the event with a post that tells people what happened and includes pictures or videos so people who weren’t there can benefit from it.

All of these blog posts can be customised to fit in with your online marketing plan and provide high value to your readers, turning your blog into an industry resource and more effective marketing tool.

Business blog posts to showcase what you’re really about.

With so many different ways to draw people in, business blog posts are such a helpful way to increase clicks and generate new leads. If people like your content and grow to trust you as a company, you’ll get that new custom in no time.

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