6 Things to Remove from your Website Right Now

Image courtesy of Ervins Strauhmanis/Flickr.

You’re probably always looking for ways to improve your website and thinking of things to add to make it a more effective marketing tool. It may seem counterintuitive, but one way you can enhance your site is to actually remove some things. Here are six things you should remove from your website right now to see better results.

Outdated Content

After a while, outdated content starts to build up on a business’ website. This content can give false information to your visitors, clutter your website, distract readers and even make your entire website look out of date, which hurts your reputation.

Remove outdated content by completely removing pages, deleting pieces of content or rewriting parts of your site so that the information is current and helpful to your market.

Broken Features

Broken features make your site look unprofessional and frustrate visitors. If you have features like social media tickers, photo galleries, videos, or forms, that aren’t working right, either fix them or remove them completely.

If you aren’t able to fix something right away, but don’t want to remove it from your site, consider temporarily removing it so that it doesn’t hinder your site’s performance before you can get it working again.

Clutter and Distractions

Excessive text, too many images, distracting graphics, annoying animations and other things on your site that just make it look cluttered and take your visitors’ attention away from the important parts of your site should be removed immediately.

Think about what you want people to see and do on your site and then ask yourself if there is anything on your site that interferes with that goal. If there is, remove it.

Keyword-Stuffed Pages

Search engines are increasingly favouring content that is well written and high quality and that meets peoples’ needs. If you have pages that are so full of keywords that your content is hard to read or doesn’t even appeal to your market, do some editing.

Use keywords naturally. Don’t completely abandon search engine optimisation tactics, but don’t let those things take over and make your site harder for people to use.

Links to Weak Social Media Pages

If you have links to social media pages you set up and abandoned, remove them. Besides the fact that these aren’t helpful to your visitors, they also make your site look outdated and as if you don’t have a very strong social media presence.

Instead, link to active accounts that you use to build online communities, connect with your market and share information.

Unhelpful Calls to Action

Finally, assess your site’s calls to action and determine if they are still helping you reach your marketing and business goals. If they aren’t, remove or change them so your site will be a more powerful part of your Internet marketing strategy.

For example, if you ask your followers to sign up for your email newsletter, but don’t ask them to buy a product you are promoting and hoping to use to boost sales, change your call to action to be in alignment with your current goal.

Taking some time to analyse your website and remove things that aren’t helping your business, or are even having a negative effect on your brand, is a great way to make sure your website will help you be successful.