6 Steps to Starting Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a great internet marketing strategy that can benefit your business in so many ways. From increased traffic and sales to better brand awareness, this advertising tactic is one that can support all kinds of goals to help you build your online presence.

The idea of pay per click advertising might seem daunting, but you can start using it at your business in just six steps.

1 – Identify your Goals

Before you start any kind of campaign, identify your goals. What do you want to get out of pay per click advertising? How can this tactic support your other, ongoing internet marketing efforts? Pinning down your goals from the very beginning will help you establish a strong foundation to build on, so your entire campaign will be successful.

2 – Choose your Platforms

Next, choose what platforms you want to advertise with. Social media advertising lets you put ads on sites like Facebook and Twitter where you can narrowly target your market by demographics, location and other information the social media sites have about users. Ads here are also more visual, so you can leverage eye-catching images and ad designs that help you brand your business.

You can also put ads on Google’s search results, which appear when specific keywords are searched for and will be shown at the top of results pages. These ads can support search engine optimisation campaigns.

3 – Research your Market and Keywords

Outline the market you want to target with your ads and list details like location, demographic information and interests so you can use advertising platforms’ features to reach the right audience.

Now, do some research into what your market is interested in, what motivates the people you are targeting and what kinds of copy and offers would spark their interest. Finally, if you are doing search ads, do keyword research and choose search terms that your market is likely to use and that will bring site traffic and more sales.

4 – Create your First Campaign

Using all the information you have gathered, set up your first ad campaign. Create ads that will get attention and inspire your market and then use your chosen platform’s settings to target your market.

Make sure your ads are professional and speak to your brand so your audience will associate your content with your business. Also make sure you follow the platform’s guidelines so you can use it to its fullest potential.

5 – Monitor and Test Results

Most pay per click advertising platforms provide analytical tools you can use to monitor your campaigns and track results. Take advantage of these and watch each ad’s performance very carefully.

It’s also a good idea to test different keywords and ads. Use analytics to compare the results of various ads to find out which ads and targeting settings bring the best results.

6 – Update Campaigns as Needed

Running successful pay per click advertising campaigns is an ongoing process. As you learn how your ads perform and as your business, market and product offerings change, your ads should change too.

Don’t be afraid to update your ads and campaigns to make them more effective and to start new campaigns that bring even more results.

Pay per click advertising can help your business reach all kinds of marketing goals, and the best marketers use each of these steps to lay a solid foundation, create effective ads, target a market and then make changes as needed to see continual success.