6 Simple Ways to Brand your Content Marketing Tactics

There’s a lot of value in making sure your blog posts, infographics, videos and other types of content are tied to your brand. This approach will ensure people know you are the one providing value so you can increase brand awareness and build a relationship with your market.

Branded content can also make it easier to reach other content marketing goals, like increasing traffic, attracting new customers, and creating a positive reputation. Branding your content doesn’t have to be hard or even take a lot of time. When you have a solid brand and a plan for including it in your content marketing plan, creating branded content will be easy.

1 – Add Branded Visual Style

You brand has a visual style that includes colours, design elements, fonts, layout styles and other things that tie your website, printed materials, social media images and other pieces together. Bring this style into your content, whether you publish it on your own site or not, to make it look branded and help your market associate it with your business.

2 – Stamp it with your Logo

One of the most obvious ways to brand your content is to add your logo to it. Of course, this isn’t always appropriate, but for things like infographics and videos, it can be a simple way to make it known that you are behind the content. If it doesn’t make sense to include your logo, consider adding your website’s URL to the bottom of the content.

3 – Design your own Images

The images you use in your content can also tie it back to your brand. You can use stock images or graphics you create yourself that are all similar in style. Or, you can go even further by adding a caption, title or phrase to your photos.

Use the same style, for example, a shadow box with a specific colour and font, each time you do this so people will instantly recognise the content as something that comes from your business.

4 – Use Links Throughout the Piece

Branding can be more subtle and still be effective. Brand your guest blog posts, online articles, social media posts, infographics, and other content with strategic links. The links can show people you are the author and they can help you strategically direct people to your website, blog, landing pages or social media accounts.

5 – Establish a Voice

Another subtle but powerful way to brand your content is to establish a voice. Whether casual, formal, funny, sarcastic, helpful, or friendly, your brand’s voice can help you tell your market who you are and help you establish a relationship with people. When you use the same voice throughout your content marketing plan, your audience will start to recognise your content and more fully understand who you are.

6 – Choose the Right Distribution Channel

Some brands leverage a specific channel, like their blog or a social media account, to get their market’s attention and establish an online presence. You can choose to focus on one or two channels and build them up as branded resources that provide valuable content to your current and potential customers.

All of these tips can be applied to most types of content, and you can adjust them to your own organisation’s needs. Making sure your content is branded, whether boldly or subtly, will make your content marketing plan much more powerful and help you build a stronger, more recognisable online brand.