6 Places you can Build your Brand Online

Building your brand online entails putting your name, content and marketing materials out there where your target market will find them. It means establishing an online presence and voice that you can use to promote yourself, serve your customers and grow your business.

Using a variety of online platforms throughout your online marketing plan will help you build your online brand and make it easier to reach and influence your market. Here are a few places you can start promoting yourself to bolster your online brand.

Your Own Blog

Updating your own blog regularly is absolutely essential. Together your blog and website make up your online storefront, and they are where people will go to find out more about your business. Your blog should update your market on industry trends, company developments, product launches and anything else people might be interested in.

One of the reasons it’s so important to build and maintain your own blog is that it is an online property you own and have complete control over, so you can use it however you want.

Social Media Sites

Social media marketing can help you establish an online presence and tap into the power of word of mouth. As you develop strong, engaged and loyal audiences on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can leverage that opportunity by sharing branded marketing content and encouraging people to talk about your brand and share your posts with their friends. Social media also gives you an immense opportunity to interact with your market through two-way conversations.

Industry or Community Websites

Using other websites, like industry and community blogs and sites, to help you reach your market and grow your online presence can really pay off. Identify major websites that people in your market frequently visit and then try to fit those sites into your marketing plan through guest blog posts, sponsorships, mentions or collaborative events like promotions or giveaways.

Whenever possible, link back to your own website so people can find you and your business can use the links as part of your search engine optimisation efforts.

Online News Outlets

News blogs and websites are great places to publish articles, blog posts and even media like videos or photos. People view these sites as credible sources of information, which can help you bolster your online brand and reputation.

To get on these sites, you can offer to contribute a guest post, ask a blogger to post your video or even offer to act as a source or expert that can provide a quote or details for an upcoming article. Again, try to establish links on these sites so you can benefit from higher traffic and SEO perks.

Business Directories

Being mentioned in business directories and lists of local businesses can also help people find you and help you build a presence. Landing links here is a matter of finding directories that would be a good fit for your business and then adding your information or applying to be included. Don’t forget to include both general and local directories if you use this strategy.

Forums and Comment Sections

Participating in conversations through forums and comment sections on blogs and news sites can also help you grow your online presence. This approach helps you join conversations and get to know your market in a different way. It also helps you build a reputation as a business that is aware of what people are talking about, what issues are important and what is happening online in its industry. This is another tactic that can be part of your SEO campaign if you build links back to your website as you participate in online conversations.

Reaching out and using a variety of online platforms to create an online presence, reach your market and get your message out there will help you grow your brand online, which will also benefit your other marketing efforts.