6 Outcomes that Mean your Content is Bringing Results

Image courtesy of Andreas Levers/Flickr.

Your business doesn’t have time or resources to spend on content marketing strategies and tactics that don’t work. It’s imperative that you track your results and measure your success so you can enhance your campaigns and spend time doing things that work.

The way you measure success will depend on your goals, but there are some signs that could mean your content marketing strategy is working and its return on investment is worth your time and resources.

Increase in Site Traffic

When you publish content on external sites and link back to your own website, you have the opportunity to increase site traffic. Guest blog posts, articles on outside sites, social media posts and news coverage can all help you drive traffic to your site where you can convert visitors into customers.

More Social Media Shares

Great content gets shared on social media. You’ll know your content is interesting, compelling and entertaining to your market when it is shared more frequently on social media. Share content through your own accounts and then make it easy for site visitors to share your content on your website with sharing buttons.

Better Brand Awareness

When you use content to become a resource and industry authority in your area of expertise, you can increase brand awareness. People will begin to associate your business and products with high-quality services. This can be achieved with content on your own site as well as content you publish through guest blogging opportunities and article submissions.

Customer Loyalty

As you raise brand awareness and position yourself as an industry leader and a business that provides the best products, you will also increase customer loyalty. Use content that provides value to your market and that proves why you are the best in your industry. Customer loyalty can also be strengthened through social media, so be sure to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.

Increase in Sales

One of the biggest benefits content marketing can bring is an increase in sales. Use content to increase brand awareness, educate your market about your products and illustrate why people should choose you over your competitors. As you do this, you will see an increase in sales. Content can be a powerful sales tool that allows you to persuade people to try your products and then keep buying them.

A Growing Email List

A large email list can help you accomplish all kinds of goals, from increased sales to better brand recognition and even more loyal customers. When you consistently provide great content people will want to hear from your business. They won’t want to miss your blog posts, videos and tutorials, so they will sign up for your email marketing list.

Be sure to make it easy for people to subscribe and use your content to prove to people why they should sign up. For example, add a sign-up box under each of your blog posts and tell people they can get your posts right in their inbox if they enrol in your email list.

Excellent content can bring valuable results for your business. When you plan strategically and use the best forms of content, publishing platforms and tactics for your business, you could see these, and even more, benefits.