6 Marketing tricks you aren’t using on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the big social media players; the main question is – how can you turn pins into profits? The platform boasts the advantage of having completely visual content, resulting in this addictive platform into being very engaging to consumers.

Social media marketing guides suggesting how to become a Pinterest Pro often suggest sharing from 10 to 25 pins per day; meaning that you need to be sure how exactly this platform is worth the time for your company. We’ve put together 6 sneaky marketing tips on how to use the platform to your best interests.


1. Who Pinned You?
Within Pinterest you can find individual users that have pinned content from your website. This can give you an idea of how much of a presence you have on the platform as well as who exactly has been interested in your content. You’re then given an idea of who to target on the platform.
Finding this out is simple! Copy and paste www.pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com/ and replace ‘yourwebsite.com’ with your personal URL i.e. www.pinterest.com/source/bigfootdigital.co.uk/ shows who has pinned from our website.

2. Driving Traffic.
Pinterest is a great platform to boost traffic to your website without pushing a link on your audience. When sharing content from your website on Pinterest, always choose the option ‘add from website’ and choose an image from that specific page. By doing this pinners can follow the link by clicking on the image. Make sure the images you use are eye-catching to give pinners a reason to click through! The most shareable content within this platform are how-to or inspirational posts. Always remember that Pinterest users are often people looking for a solution to a problem; and your main goal is to show this audience how you fit in with their needs.

When sharing website content on other social media platforms you could also link to your Pinterest version by putting ‘pin for later’ at the bottom of your post. As the lifespan of posts on Facebook and Google+ is relatively short in comparison to Pinterest, this gives your audience the option to bookmark the page if they don’t have time to read it then and there.

3. Personalise Your Brand.
A great advantage of Pinterest is it allows you to be creative. You don’t need to exclusively push your products to bring attention to your company. Having a variety of boards can bring potential to show some personality of your company. Share humorous pins that display your brand ethics that will draw attention to your company as well as displaying products.

4. Rich Pins.
Better than the average pin – rich pins give more detail on your pins depending on what it is you’re sharing. There are 5 types of rich pins including articles, recipes, films, products and places. To get your website’s content out there as rich pins you have to apply for this through Pinterest. You can also only use one type of rich pin when sharing from your website so be sure whichever you choose is the most suitable for your brand.
Rich pins are worth getting in to as it makes what you’re sharing stand out. Pinterest is all about being visually engaging, and the extra information included on rich pins (i.e. an article rich pin would feature the headline, author, source and a story description) will add more to your pins, as well as providing a professional look to your content.

5. Comments Galore.
The ‘popular’ section of Pinterest shows what pins are currently trending. Put aside a little time to browse through these to see if you any of the images relate to your industry. Commenting with an insightful message or building on what the pin is about is likely to appeal to those interested in the pin. Content on Pinterest generally has a longer life span than on other social media platforms and so having presence on a trending pin is likely to mean you are seen by a lot of users.

Secondly if a user comments on your pins – comment back! Although this is quite a simple method, it is still effective. Interacting with your audience shows that you’re interested in them.

6. Join Popular Group Boards.
Group boards are a perfect way to pin to a wide, relevant audience. Some popular group boards have thousands of contributors, also meaning that the same thousands of people with this ready-made shared interest can see what you pin. In order to find the best groups for your brand, use tools such as PinGroupie which can filter the best boards for you to join based on keywords and category.

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