6 Marketing Email Subject Lines You can Use to get More Results

Image courtesy of RaHuL Rodriguez/Flickr.

Much of the success of email marketing relies on the subject line of your emails. When you send emails, you only have a few seconds to attract people, entice them to open your email and then read what you have to say.

Regardless of what you use email marketing for, getting more customers, keeping in touch with current customers, making announcements, or selling new products, these six email subject line styles can help you get better results.

Limited-Time Offer Approach

Subject lines that alert readers to a limited-time offer convey a sense of urgency. You can use these subject lines for emails regarding new products, discounts, services, events and more.

An example of this subject line would read: “Sign Up By November 1 for Free Tickets to Our Next Event!” The deadline, mention of free tickets and event promotion all work to capture your market’s attention.

You Can’t Miss This Teaser

Using a subject line that tells your market that the information you are sending is something they don’t want to miss adds value to the email. When people scroll through their inbox and see a subject line telling them that the email is too valuable to delete without reading, they will be more likely to open it.

“Updates You Don’t Want to Miss in this Month’s Newsletter” is a simple, clear and concise subject line that will entice your market to open your email.

Sneak Peak Opportunity

People love to know the latest news, be informed about new information and be the first to know about things. Appeal to this by writing subject lines that tell your readers that the email contains new information that hasn’t been announced yet or insider details. This works well for new services and can help you create hype before a big announcement.

An example of this is a subject line that states: “Your Sneak Peak of Our New Service to be Launched Next Month is Here!”

Promised Benefits Tactic

Most people are so overwhelmed and bogged down by emails, spam, social media messages and marketing tactics that unless they perceive an immediate value in your email, they won’t spend time reading it. Use your subject line to promise a benefit, which could be used simply to get attention or could be the sole purpose of your email.

For example, “Thanks for Your Business! Here’s a 20% Off Coupon!” Instantly tells your readers what benefit they will receive when they open your email. Of course, the benefit could range from discounts to helpful information to access to special resources. You know your market best, so choose benefits that will appeal to your audience.

Special Group Offer

Some people like the idea of belonging to a special, elite group. You can use this to your advantage by using subject lines that tell your market they are receiving the email as part of a special group. This strategy makes people feel like your business respects and appreciates its customers.

This type of subject line might read something like, “Your Special Subscriber Update.” You can combine this strategy with another, like promising benefits or offering a sneak peak, for an even stronger effect.

Big News Announcement

Another way to get people to open your emails is to make announcements, or reference them, in your subject line. If your subscribers are people who would be interested in hearing the latest news from your company, this approach can work very well.

This subject line could state: “Big News! Our Newest Location is Opening Next Week!” Or, combine this with the teaser subject line for something like, “You Won’t Want to Miss Our Big Announcement in This Week’s Update!”

The subject line in marketing emails is extremely important and is a major contributing factor to the rate of success you will see with your campaign. Give your emails a boost and start getting better results by using these email subject line types.