6 Fresh Types of Content for your Blog

This year, why not introduce some new types of content to your blog to give it a refresh? When you use different kinds of content, you can grab your subscribers’ and social media followers’ attention and illustrate concepts in a new way. Some mediums also lend themselves well to specific marketing goals, so you can tailor your blog to your marketing campaign needs.

Promotional Videos

Consider posting your latest promotional video on your blog, not just on a page on your site or your social media account. This way, blog subscribers will see it and you can use it to attract clicks and generate more blog traffic.

In some cases, people like being able to get information without having to read through a detailed post, and a video can attract this audience to your blog.


Another way to add visual interest and communicate messages or information very quickly is to post an infographic. These can be entertaining and are ideal for sharing facts, statistics and figures, which would otherwise make for a boring blog post.

Infographics have the power to go viral, which could help you get more readers to your blog. You can also use them for SEO link building efforts by providing an embedding code that people can use to post the infographic on their own site and link back to your blog.

Evergreen Content

We often think of blogs as a place to post current information or news items, but not all blog content needs to be breaking news. In fact, evergreen content, or content that remains valuable indefinitely, can be very valuable.

This type of content can be shared again on social media months later and still be relevant and help you attract readers and subscribers. It can also be linked to from other blog posts and pages on your site as a solid resource.

Curated Content with your Own Touch

Curate content by compiling lists of resources or by sharing a link to a blog post from someone else in your industry. Then, add your own touch to the post by including your own point of view or adding links to your own related resources.

These blog posts can be highly valuable to readers, as they can prove to be very comprehensive resources. They can also help you form connections with others in your industry, which could lead to guest blogging opportunities or joint marketing efforts.

Comparison Posts

Do the legwork for your readers by publishing comparison posts that help them make decisions. For example, compare two of your popular products or your three most purchased services. Or, outline how your products stack up to your competitions’.

Use this content to generate sales or build brand awareness as you educate your market about your business and help people make better decisions, which builds trust.

Feedback Generating Posts

Blogging is a great way to find out what your market is thinking or what peoples’ opinions are. We all like to be heard, and if you open up your blog to comments and ask people to share their thoughts, you could find some valuable feedback that can help you improve.

You can also do this by including a short survey or simple poll in your blog post, so readers won’t have to comment but can give feedback with just a few clicks.

As you create editorial calendars for your blog and brainstorm ideas for posts, keep in mind that you can think outside the box and use these fresh types of content to capture attention and get more marketing power out of your blog.