6 Features to set your New Blog up for Success

When you launch a new blog, it’s tempting to publish your first post and then start publicising it right away. But, to really be successful there are six features you should make sure your blog has before you start spreading the word about your new site.

These features will help you create a foundation that will help your blog be successful from day one. With these elements, your blog will attract and maintain an active audience that helps you broaden your reach and promote your business.

An Effective “About” Section

First, every blog should have some sort of “about” section. This could be an entire page or a blurb on your sidebar. However you decide to tell people what your blog is all about, the “about” section should be easy to find, clear and concise. Tell people what they can expect to find on your blog and give a little background about your business to illustrate your point of view.

Findable Contact Information

Including contact information is important for a few reasons. First, if you want people to reach out to your business, you need to make it easy for them to do this. Second, you need to provide a way for people to get in touch if they need customer assistance or want to submit a private comment about your blog. You can include a simple contact form or add your email address and phone number.

A Comment Tool that Works

Most blogs are designed to be a place where communities can have conversations about the topics you cover. Make this easy for visitors by using a comment tool that is intuitive and works smoothly. If it’s hard to comment on your posts, people won’t bother trying and you’ll miss out on valuable engagement.

Two Kinds of Social Media Buttons

Social media is a powerful tool for attracting new readers, driving traffic to your blog and enhancing your online presence. On your blog, you will need two kinds of social media buttons. First, add buttons people can use to connect to your social media accounts so they can follow you there. These should be front and centre, where your readers won’t miss them.

You will also need to add social sharing buttons, preferably next to your blog posts, so your readers can help you share your content through their own accounts.

A Strong Email Subscription Form

Email marketing is a very effective way to bring readers back to your blog and as you build a list, you can use it to promote other parts of your business, like new products or events. Include a strong email subscription form that tells people, in a few sentences, why they should subscribe and even offers some kind of incentive, like a free download. The form should be short and shouldn’t ask for more personal information than you need.

Some Samples of your Best Content

Finally, before you officially launch your blog, publish some posts as samples of what your readers can expect to find on your new blog. These posts should highlight your best work and should be well written and professional. They will also help your blog look full and helpful, so as new readers find your blog they will take it seriously and come back for more.

As you prepare to launch your new blog, make sure you add these six features so it will have a strong start and successfully support your online marketing strategy.