5 Ways to Record a Better Podcast or Video

Image courtesy of duron123/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

When you use podcasts and videos to market your business it is very important that they are high quality and professional. The media you share with your audience will help you build your brand and make an impact on how people view your business.

If your podcasts and videos are low quality, your market won’t take your business seriously and won’t respond to your calls to action. Your reputation depends on the quality of work you put out, and your podcasts and videos are not an exception.

Plan and Rehearse

Recordings that lack direction are not very successful. Take some time to plan ahead and rehearse your video or podcast before you begin recording it. It can be helpful to write a script or at least an outline that covers what you want your podcast or video to include.

Planning ahead can also help you avoid rambling and going off on tangents, which will make your recordings unnecessarily long and could cause you to lose focus and your audience’s attention.

Include Marketing Messaging

All of your videos and podcasts need to include your marketing messaging. If you want your recordings to help you promote your business and build your brand, you need to think strategically about what you want them to accomplish. They need to help you meet your goals, be targeted at your market and include messaging that ties them to your marketing campaign.

High-quality recordings with strong messaging also make your business more credible. Would you trust the information in a podcast or video you have a hard time following or that seems disorganised? The answer is probably “no,” and your audience feels the same way. Plan and organise your recording and add messaging to make it more professional and more successful.

Use the Best Equipment

When you use the best video and audio equipment your recordings will have a more professional feel to them. High-quality pieces speak volumes about your business and when your media is easy to watch and listen to your audience will think highly of you.

This suggestion may not seem as important as the others, but it is. You may not realise it but your audience can sense when your recordings were put together in a hurry and weren’t done with the best equipment, which will turn them off from your brand and could harm your reputation.

Choose a Good Setting

The location you choose for your recording is also very important. Choose a place that doesn’t have distracting visuals or sounds that will make your recording low quality and make it hard for your audience to focus.

If you are recording a video, it is wise to choose a setting that gives you a professional background. Some good options are a clean office, a plain wall or a conference room. These settings will make your videos look better and will give them a professional feel.

Edit Professionally

Videos and podcasts are rarely ready for publication straight out of the camera or recorder. Take some time to edit your recordings so they are even more professional. If you can, use transitions, subtitles and background music in opportune places. If you don’t have the skills or equipment for this kind of editing, you can still make your recordings look professional with some simple cuts and edits.

Even if you don’t have expensive editing software, many computers come with basic video editing software already installed. The idea is to make your recordings look as professional as possible before publishing and sharing them.

Start getting more out of your podcasts and videos by making sure they are high quality, strategically planned and well edited. When you follow these guidelines your content will be better and you will be able to use recordings to help you market your business more effectively.