5 Types of Blog Posts You Can Use to Reach Your Market

Image courtesy of Keerati/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

There are so many ways you can use your blog to reach your market to inform people about your business, bring traffic to your website and even increase your sells. One of the biggest ways you can leverage your blog is by posting quality content.

All of the content you share should be relevant to your business and audience, but there are a few different kinds of blog posts you can use to more effectively reach your market.


One of the most basic types of blog posts is an informational post. This kind of content provides information about something to your market, educating them so they will become customers. Educating your market can also simply be an act of goodwill by your business, which helps you form a strong relationship with your market and enhance your brand and reputation, benefiting your business.

Industry News

Blog posts that cover current events or industry news have the potential to go viral and attract a lot of site traffic. To make the most of these posts, you need to make sure they are posted on your blog quickly after the event so the information is new and fresh. These kinds of posts can help brand your business as one that is up to date, on the cutting edge and that can be relied upon for important industry news.

Tips and Resources

Another way you can strengthen your brand and establish yourself as an industry expert is to share tips and resources through your blog. These kinds of blog posts provide enormous benefits to your readers and can even help you gain subscribers and build a steady flow of traffic. As people in your market begin to see your blog as a valuable resource they will keep coming back for more information.

Business Updates

You can use your blog to keep your market informed about news within your business. Things like new product launches, changes in leadership, new services and better features are all things that your market should know about, and blogging about them is a great way to spread the news.

Infographics and Images

Infographics and other images can help you add extra visual interest to your blog. One of the great things about these kinds of posts is that they allow you to send a message or pieces of information in a way that is easy for your market to read and understand. Your readers only need to spend a few minutes looking at an image to understand the information being shared. People also like to share images, so when you post them to your blog your market may be more likely to share the link and post the images to social media, which can help you reach an even bigger audience.

Use these five types of blog posts to reach your market, deliver your messages, build your brand, and achieve your business goals. Start by deciding which type of post you have enough information for, write the blog post, and don’t forget to share it through social media and your other marketing channels!