5 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your YouTube Videos

Videos can add a whole new element to almost any digital marketing strategy. The images, voice over, music and lighting can all come together to create a beautiful piece that represents your brand and speaks to your target market.

Online videos also have a way of being shared across websites and social platforms. Depending on your brand and the video you create, you may see it picked up and highlighted on all kinds of websites and even shared hundreds of thousands or even millions of times. Of course, there is no way to guarantee your latest YouTube video will go viral, but there are some things you can do to help ensure its success.

#1. Strive for Professional Quality

If your video shouts amateur, it will be less likely to be taken seriously. To the best of your ability, use professional equipment to shoot and edit your video. You may even considering hiring experts that know how to write solid video scripts and then make them come to life.

While you strive for a professional video, don’t lose your brand’s image and voice. Stay consistent with your other marketing strategies so your video will become just one more tactic to strengthen your overall plan.

#2. Keep it Short and Simple

Many of the most successful YouTube videos are short and simple. They are memorable without being overdone and they send a message without bombarding the viewer. Keep your video ideas consistent with the message you want to send your target market and then strive to keep things simple as your video moves through the production process.

Also keep in mind the viewer’s attention span. If you get caught up in fancy filming and funny scenes that don’t add to your video’s message, you risk losing the attention of your viewer, who can walk away from your presentation with the click of a button.

#3. Optimise The Title, Category and Description

According to YouTube, 72 hours of video are added to YouTube every minute. Make it easy for your target market to find your videos by using an enticing title and the right category label. Just like the video itself, the description should also be short and to the point. If a viewer is watching your video on YouTube, only about four lines of your description will show above the fold, before the reader has to click “show more.” Make the most of the description space by putting the most important information first and include links to your site in the first few lines.

This BBC trailer description includes the most important information, a call to action and a link in the first few lines, above the fold.


#4. Share Your Video Through Your Own Channels

Make sure your market sees your video by promoting it through all your social media channels. Would you believe that the equivalent of 500 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day? Add to that the fact that more than 700 YouTube videos get shared on Twitter every minute and you soon realize that you can’t afford to miss out on the views your video will likely get if you leverage the power of social media.

You can also promote your video through more traditional marketing means. For example, you could include a link to your video in a press release, add a QR code to a poster or even to the back of your business card. If you think outside the box, you’ll likely find dozens of ways you can promote your video through existing marketing tactics, both digital and traditional.

#5. Create a Channel

If you see many videos in your digital marketing future, consider setting up a YouTube channel. Creating a channel lets you set up your own, branded YouTube page where viewers can easily find all of your productions and subscribe to your videos, so they won’t miss any of your new videos. Many brands rely on their YouTube channels as a direct line of communication with their audience, where they frequently upload videos highlighting their newest products, services or new features.

Videos can be powerful digital marketing tools that have the power to take your online brand to the next level. With these tips you’ll create marketing videos that promote your brand, that are optimised and that are easy for your target market to find.