5 Things your Site Visitors Shouldn’t have to Search For

Image courtesy of Chase Elliott Clark/Flickr.

We’ve all been there. You’re on a website looking for something specific and you can’t find it. You search every corner of the home page and then dig around on a few other pages to no avail. When we are in this situation, most of us give up and leave the page. Are your visitors doing this?

If people come to your site and can’t find a few basic pieces of information, chances are you are missing out on sales opportunities and even driving people away. The things you highlight on your site will depend on your business and goals, but there are some basic things that should be easy to find, no matter what kind of site you have.

Your Contact Information

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to figure out how to contact a business. Don’t make it hard for people to find out how they can call you, come to your location or send an email. Your contact information should be very easy to find, so try putting it on the top of your home page or in the footer.

It’s okay to encourage people to contact you in one way, for example, maybe you provide customer support through the phone, but not email. However you want people to contact you, make it obvious and easy to find.

What You are all About

Don’t assume that everyone that comes to your website knows what you are all about. Your site should cater to returning guests as well as people who are just finding out about your business. The design, copy, graphics and menu bar should all make it obvious what your goals are, what products you provide and what you can do for your customers.

Do this with a simple mission statement, tagline or “about section” that fills visitors in quickly and easily. Remember to keep it short and memorable.

Links to your Social Media Accounts

If you want people to be able to keep up with your business on social media, make it easy for them to find your official pages. Use social media buttons or badges on the header, footer or sidebar and in places like your blog and product pages.

This way, people who are actively looking for your accounts will have an easy way to find them and visitors who may not be looking for them will be encouraged to connect with you there.

Product Pages

If you want people to buy products, make it very easy for them! Your product pages and “buy now” buttons should be easy to find and use. If someone has come to your site just to make a purchase, he doesn’t want to work his way through several pages before he can enter his credit card information.

Set up your site so your product pages are easy to find using the main menu or linking to them directly from your home page. Also make it easy for people to browse and search for items so they will be more likely to make a purchase.

Calls to Action

Whatever your calls to action are, put them front and centre. If you want people to subscribe to your email newsletter, put the subscription form on the home page and draw attention to it with design and colours. On the other hand, if you want to increase sales, your product pages will be front and centre.

Look at your home page and ask yourself, “What’s the first thing I see?” If it’s not something that will help you accomplish your goals or doesn’t ask your visitors to do something, you need to make some changes.

The way your site is designed and organised has a big impact on how successful it is. If you want it to act as a marketing tool and help you reach your goals and build your online brand, these things shouldn’t be hard for visitors to find.