5 Things you Didn’t Know you Could do with Google+

Some say Google Plus isn’t a viable social network, but it does have a substantial user base and it can actually help your marketing and search engine optimisation efforts. In fact, there are some things you probably didn’t realise you could do with Google Plus.

Build Links and Use Calls to Action

Google Plus allows you to add a lot of links to your page. Make sure you add lots of links in your profile and “about” section so you can direct people to your products and pages and even encourage them to respond to calls to action.

You also have an entire “Links” section you can use to link to your website, or any other site, as well as your other social media accounts. Use this section to tie all your accounts together and make it easier for people to find you online.

Use Hangouts for Promotional Purposes

You already know you can use Hangouts to chat with people, but did you know you can also use them to promote your business? Hangouts can host as many as 10 people so you can use them for trainings, webinars, customer support and tutorials. Of course, these are live videos but you can also save them to use them again later or share them through other channels.

If you link your YouTube account to your Google Plus page (see the next section for more details), you can host live broadcasts so anyone can tune in. This gives you a virtually limitless audience and makes it easier to promote and share things like events, product launches and weekly videos.

Link Your Google Plus and YouTube Pages

By linking your Google Plus and YouTube accounts, you can solidify your online brand, host live broadcasts and better manage your accounts. This means your identities will be linked and when you update your name or photos on Google Plus, they will also be updated on YouTube.

When you do this you’ll also get to take advantage of some new tools, a YouTube tab on your Google Plus page and even auto-posting and a better YouTube comment system.

Get and Share Customer Reviews

You can use the business features for Google Plus to set up a page for your business location, which can help you earn search engine rankings. It can also help people find your contact information, hours of operation and even a map to your business.

But, perhaps just as valuable, people can leave and read reviews about your business. People will stumble across these through Google searches, but you can also share them as part of your marketing efforts.

Use +Post Ads

The +Post Ads aren’t like your typical social media ads. They actually let you publish Google Plus content across the Google Display Network, which is made up of more than 2 million sites. So, when you post something like a photo, video, text update or even a Hangout, you could promote it across the Internet to reach a wider audience.

To use a these ads, you need to have at least 1,000 Google Plus followers, share relevant content and opt in to shared endorsements. You can learn more about how to use +Post Ads on Google’s help center.

Google Plus is more than a social network and when you start using some of these bonus features, you can open up whole new marketing opportunities for your business.