5 Things Contributing to your High Bounce Rate (and How to Fix It)

Are people coming to your website only to quickly click the back button? High bounce rates can lead to a loss of sales, low brand awareness and a floundering online marketing plan. If you’re finding that your bounce rate is out of control, or even if you just think it could be lower, this post is for you.

These five things could be contributing to your high bounce rate. But, fortunately, there are ways you can fix these issues to see site visitors stay on your site longer and explore your content.

An Unprofessional Website

In just a matter of seconds, people decide whether your website will have what they need and is trustworthy. An unprofessional website will send visitors away, since they won’t feel you have anything to provide.

Conquer this with a professional design that is branded and appeals to your market. Don’t skimp on the design, layout, graphics and copy.

Asking for Too Much

Another thing that can scare visitors away quickly is a demanding website. In other words, if you start asking visitors for all their contact information, their credit card number or even to make a purchase right away, people will feel overwhelmed.

Temper this by mixing real value and helpful content with your marketing tactics. Stick to basic subscription forms and prime the pump for sales with persuasive content so people will want to shop and make purchases.

Pushy Sales Tactics

As you prepare people to make a purchase, avoid pushy sales tactics. This means not using copy that is overly sales oriented and product pop ups that get in the way. Of course, you want to use your website to make sales, but you need to do so strategically.

Use high-quality sales copy and make product pages appealing so people will be attracted to them and won’t feel forced into making a purchase. This approach will help you decrease your bounce rate and increase sales.

Impossible Navigation

When people land on your website, can they easily find what they are looking for? If the answer is “no,” your site navigation needs work. If people can’t easily find their way around your site, they will quickly leave it.

Remember that people come to your site for a reason, and it’s your job to make sure they find what they need. Use a navigation system that makes logical sense for the market that is visiting your website and consider adding a search box to your site.

No Appealing Solutions

Finally, if the content on your website doesn’t offer the kind of solutions your target market is looking for, people will leave your site. This means you need to know your market very well so you can use your website to fill a need.

Your site content, free downloads, blog posts and product listings should all be designed with your site visitors in mind. If they don’t appeal to these people, your site will have high bounce rates and won’t benefit your overall marketing.

If you recognise any of these signs, you could be losing valuable site visitors. Address these issues to make sure your site is professional, easy to navigate and appealing to your market and it will be much more effective.