5 Steps to Building a Solid Facebook Page that Brings Results

A Facebook page is an integral part of almost every social media marketing plan. Facebook has 829 million daily active users, of which almost 82 percent are outside the United States and Canada. There is no question that Facebook has a huge user base that can help you promote your business.

But, if you want to see results you need a solid Facebook page that is designed to help you target your market, echo your brand and help you promote your products and services. A beneficial Facebook page starts with some preliminary steps.

Create the Page with the Right Settings

When you set up your page, you need to pay close attention to the settings and options you have. There are all kinds of ways you can set it up so that it will help you reach your market and function the way you want it to.

For example, do you want to target a national or international market? Do you want others to be able to post to your page? Who should be the page administrator? How many administrators should you have? These are just a few things you’ll need to consider as you set up the page.

Design an Attractive, Branded Page

You can’t change everything about the way your Facebook page looks, but the social media network does let you add some design elements. Things like your profile picture, cover photo, the tabs you use and your biography section can help you connect your page to your brand and business.

A page that looks great is also more likely to attract followers and helps you tell your market that you are a professional resource that people can trust.

Use Facebook Applications

Facebook applications are like small programs that run on your page. You’ve likely seen them before; they are the features that make it possible for businesses to add games, interactive elements and even contests to their pages.

Depending on what your goals are, a Facebook app can be a very helpful tool. Business pages with apps can often attract more followers, increase engagement and encourage people to keep coming back to the page.

Start Attracting Followers

Once your page is up and running, looks great and has some content on it, it’s time to start building a following. You can do this by promoting your Facebook page on your website or blog or even printed marketing materials.

Start building your Facebook presence by “liking” other businesses that aren’t your competitors and community pages and interacting with them. As you become more visible on the site, people will begin following your page.

Use Facebook Ads to Promote your Page

Another way to start building a following is to use Facebook ads. You can target them to very specific demographics so that you can attract followers that you are trying to target as potential customers. This is a good way to generate a following that is more likely to benefit your business.

You can also use ads to promote products, services, sales and events among other things. These kinds of ads can also help you get a following and are a great social media marketing tactic that can help you promote your business.

For many companies, Facebook is a big part of a successful social media marketing strategy. When you take the time to build your page the right way from the very beginning, it will be a much more powerful tool as you continue to develop it and build a following.

We offer these and other Facebook marketing services, so contact us if you need help setting up or getting more out of your Facebook page.