5 Steps to Infusing your Events with Social Media

Using social media at your events helps you accomplish three things: raise brand awareness, get attendees involved and make it possible for people who aren’t at your event to participate. All three of these benefits can boost your online brand and help you establish an online presence that will help your business long after the event is over.

Infusing your events with social media can be done in five steps, which will help you plan wisely and then execute your strategy well.

1 – Define your Goals

First, decide what you want to accomplish with social media. How can your social media accounts help you make your event better or make it possible for people to participate no matter where they are? You goals should be very specific so they give you direction. The best goals are statements you can rely on as you create a social media plan, so your entire strategy will be cohesive and successful.

2 – Choose your Accounts

Not all social media platforms lend themselves to events. Look at the accounts you are already using and choose a few that will help you accomplish your goals. Also make sure the sites work well with live posting, allow you to share different kinds of media and make it possible for attendees to participate.

For example, sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great for events, while Pinterest and LinkedIn aren’t traditionally used for live sharing.

3 – Assign Responsibility

While live social media posting may look spontaneous, it’s actually planned well in advance and a lot goes on behind the scenes. Assign someone, or an entire team, to oversee social media efforts during the event. This same group should also be part of promotional tactics before and after the event.

When you assign these tasks to specific people, your results will be much more streamlined and the social media posting will be more complete and make more sense to your market.

4 – Make a Plan of Action

The social media team should put together a plan of action that outlines how you will use each social media platform. It should also organise things like the type of content you want to share, how you will accommodate live posting and how you want to get attendees involved.

For example, you could post things like pictures of the event unfolding, videos of presentations and links to blog posts that outline event happenings. You may decide to use a specific hashtag, set up a social media group or even create a special account just for your event to make it easy for your market to follow what’s happening.

5 – Don’t Stop After the Event

All of the work you put into promoting your event and sharing it live through social media can still pay off even after the event is over. Use the content you created to continue to promote your brand on social media and even repurpose some things, like blog posts or videos, to reuse as part of your content marketing strategy.

Using social media at your events can help you promote your business, interact with your market and enhance your online brand, all of which can have long-term positive effects on your organisation.