5 Steps for Keeping the Buzz Alive After a Contest

Hosting a contest or give-away on any social media site is a great way to generate some buzz and increase your reach. I usually advise those new to Facebook to host a contest with an enticing or interesting prize, and promote their page for the first half of the contest. This is usually sufficient time to generate some interest and build a user-base on which you can grow an organic following.

The only problem with this method is that some people worry that they’re growing a fan-base of competition likes that will have no interest in their brand in the long-term. It’s true that some users just can’t resist a good give-away, and you may lose some likes shortly after you announce the winners of your contest. But, if you’re giving away a product that is relevant to your business, then chances are you’ll be attracting the right sort of crowd. So how can you keep the buzz going after your contest?

1. Make the prize relevant.

Giving away an iPad when you’re a beauty products supplier is just going to attract the wrong crowd. Make your prize relevant and you’ll see less of a dip in likes and interaction. By giving away a relevant prize it also makes it easier to interact with your audience during the give-away.

2. Join forces with another company to make the give-away even bigger.

This will not only make the prize more tempting, but can help lighten the load and increase the reach for both parties involved. Think of interesting (but logical) partnerships that will bring you a relevant fan-base. Another way to do this would be to partner with a popular (and again, relevant) blogger – you offer the prize, and they get to host the competition on their blog. Everyone wins. AT&T teamed up with Hank & Hunt, a popular craft blog to give away a phone.

3. Don’t only promote your contest for the duration.

During a contest you have a captive audience of people waiting to see you announce the winner – use this gift wisely! This is your chance to share your best content and give your new fans a reason to stick around. If all you do for the duration of the contest is post updates about the contest, then your fans will be surprised afterwards when you start posting your “regular” content.

4. Consider overlap between a contest/ give-away and offering a discount code.

By offering a discount code to those who didn’t win, you’re making sure that everyone is a winner, and this discount code can keep the sharing going for a while after the contest is over. It will also set the tone for future interactions and new fans will stick around for the possibility of more discounts.

5. Engage with your new followers.

Don’t just thank them for entering your give-away – engage with them, find out what they like, ask questions that will help you shape the future of your content sharing.